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Can You Recover Money Lost In Casinos? Here’s What You Should Keep In Mind

The possibility to recover money lost in casinos usually bugs most inexperienced punters. Indeed, gambling involves both luck and skill, and the inherent risk of losing, much like the possibility of winning, draws countless players to this activity. For example, there’s a possibility to get free spins deal every Monday, but there’s no guarantee you will. Regardless, gambling games have been around for as long as the human race and are as popular as ever. While some play because they’re merely looking for fun, others go on to play full-time and build careers out of it. 

However, mistakes always happen whether you’re playing in land-based or online casinos. You’ll often hear talk of playing skill-based instead of luck-based casino games to maximize winning chances. However, gambling skill requires experience, which can take years to build. More often than not, players find themselves without money soon after engaging in casino games. At this point, they begin to wonder what they can do (if anything) to recover their losses. This issue is often a point of confusion among players, so join us as we set the record straight.

Can You Recover Money Lost In Casinos? Understanding The Industry

Let’s clarify one thing right away: there isn’t an online casino on the planet that will refund your money simply because you lost. Each operator advertises its offering as “games of chance,” and therein lies the answer to why losses aren’t refundable. Since casinos don’t guarantee any winnings, they also cannot (and do not) ensure refunding players’ losses, period. 

However, there is one and only one situation in which you may recover lost casino money. This situation involves provable fraud. For example, if a third party hacks into your account and uses your balance to play casino games, there is a chance the casino might give you back the money. But, we say it might be because of two critical reasons.

The first reason is that the casino is not under any obligation to refund players’ funds even if they prove the fraud. This occurrence is a theoretical possibility, and each casino usually outlines its policy on this matter under the terms and conditions section.

The second reason is that it is much more challenging to prove fraud than you might believe. Unfortunately, this excuse is incredibly common among players who lost funds due to their own fault. Indeed, cases of a casino accepting that a hack really occurred are virtually non-existent. 

In other words, it is near impossible to recover money lost in casinos as a result of a hack. The closest you can usually come to getting some of the lost money back is to claim a cashback bonus. These offers return a percentage of money lost on real money games to players. However, note that each casino usually has different terms and conditions for claiming such offers. Remember to read each offer’s T&Cs thoroughly before claiming.

Is A Chargeback Possible In Online Casinos?

A chargeback option is typically available for credit cards. Therefore, you can place a chargeback order after a credit card purchase and get your money back. The only condition is that you must put in the order before receiving the goods. If you’re successful, the bank performs the refund and not the merchant. Many players wonder if the same is possible for online casino gaming. 

However, chargebacks don’t work for online casinos, and there is a straightforward reason. The only way for this feature to be useful is if you did not receive anything for the payment made with your card. Therefore, when a user issues a chargeback claim, the payment provider reaches out to the merchant for delivery proof. For instance, if you buy a PC and the seller can’t prove they delivered the item, you can get your money back immediately. But online casinos operate differently.

What Happens With Chargebacks & Online Casino Gaming?

When looking to recover money lost in casinos, chargebacks are not a viable option. If you ask the bank for a chargeback, in this case, the casino need only send the bank logs showing you really played its games. Keep in mind that casinos only sell players a service that allows them to play games – they don’t guarantee wins at any point. 

Therefore, there is no fraud so long as the casino can prove you really played games with real money. Consequently, the payment provider will typically not only reject your chargeback claim but may also cancel your card. On the other end, the casino may also cancel your membership. Therefore, this scenario doesn’t have a happy ending, so you should avoid it at all costs.

E-wallets work identically to banks in these situations and are frequently even nitpicker. There are hardly any cases in the online gambling industry where an e-wallet provider accepted a chargeback claim as a way to recover money lost in casinos. Generally speaking, the chargeback “method” doesn’t work for online gambling, and you shouldn’t use it unless you’re looking to complicate your life.

Final Thoughts

Gambling responsibly and adopting a positive outlook on all situations are the fundamental conditions for enjoying this activity. Sometimes, losing money while gambling can have positive consequences. Occasional losses help punters put things in perspective and realize gambling isn’t just about winning a life-changing jackpot. Additionally, the greatest lesson you can learn from gambling is that becoming a millionaire is an unrealistic goal for 99.99% of gamblers.

There are methods for improving your winning odds and winning more money than what you’re playing with at the moment. However, it is true that the house always wins. Casinos have a built-in statistical advantage in all luck-based games, which is why you should stay away from them if you are a beginner. Start your journey by learning about how casinos work and focusing on developing skill-based game strategies. In time, you’ll develop a feel for the games that work best for you, and hopefully, you won’t need to recover money lost in casinos. Good luck!