Tips to Use an Online Casino Bonus

Tips to Use an Online Casino Bonus

Those who are not into interactive gaming are likely unaware that online gambling brands face advertising restrictions. That is so because governments worry about the potential side-effects of this activity. Thus, operators’ chief marketing ploys are promotions that let you do some free gambling after completing a set of pre-defined stipulations.

Many consider online casino bonuses the backbone of the interactive gaming space, the chief tool that facilitates platform growth. However, it is crucial to know that the goal of enticing welcome offers is to let you test out a casino and not allow you to pull in sizeable profits from your use of it. So no one can get rich on the casino’s dime.

Below, we break down how these bonuses work, what to look out for, and a few tricks on getting the most bang for your buck out of them.

Understand the Wagering Requirement

Wagering requirements, also known as rollovers or turnovers, are the bane of most online gamblers’ existence. They are the principal bonus term that everyone concentrates on, as it is usually the one that is the hardest to fulfill.

In short, a wagering requirement tells you how many times you have to wager your deposited amount before you can withdraw any bonus winnings. As a rule of thumb, the more free-play funds a casino provides, the higher the wagering requirement of that offer will be, and the longer its deadline will stretch.

Most registration deals feature requirements that fall in the x30 to x35 range that must get completed in two weeks to a month. Always review these conditions before claiming a sign-up promo, as they are essential in helping you determine if you can realistically claim the advertised benefits of said deal.

Check the Max Bet Amount

As mentioned above, you cannot land massive wins using bonus funds since almost all casino bonuses you will stumble upon will feature a max bet amount. In most cases, this figure will not go over the $5-mark. So, even if a promotion gives away, let us say $200 in free-play funds when it comes to single bets, you cannot place ones more sizeable than $5, which limits how much you stand to win via your bonus. Some offers may even have a max win cap. Thus, check every deal’s promo terms to get informed regarding these stipulations. If you somehow find a promotion without them, jump on it, as it hides a substantial prize potential.

Game Contribution Is Essential

Not all interactive gaming products contribute equally to fulfilling bonus wagering requirements. Usually, only slots do so with 100%, while table games often contribute with 10%. That is so because reel-spinning titles have higher house edges and are more random than casino products such as blackjack, where decision-making plays a factor in outcomes. Plus, with optimal strategy, you can lower the blackjack house edge on specific variants to 0.5%, which is excellent. Only virtual video poker machines offer a better winning probability out of all online casino gambling options.

Therefore, if you aim to complete a wagering requirement quickly, stick to enjoying reel spinners. If you make a $10 bet on them, all $10 goes to fulfilling a turnover. Conversely, a $10 wager on blackjack only contributes $1 toward fulfilling a wagering requirement.

Play Low Variance Slots

If you want to get a wagering requirement out of the way so that you can get swiftly united with your bonus winnings, look to play low variance slots. These are games whose algorithm features programing that makes them pay out small wins regularly. That will help you maintain a decent amount of gambling funds in your casino balance and aid you in completing a turnover without having to deposit more money into your account.

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Sure, you will not hit any life-altering prizes this way, but you are unlikely to lose any tremendous amounts. This approach will allow you to have fun while also walking away with some extra change in your pocket. Note that specific deals may limit the games you can use your free-play funds on, so review the bonus offers from the best online casinos in your country to find one that is a good fit for you.

Do Not Try to Abuse Bonuses

Bonus abuse occurs when creating multiple accounts with one gambling operator to take advantage of the same deal many times over. Most abusers do this via VPN software that masks their location, tricking an operator into believing that a new player is registering with its service.

If a casino discovers you are abusing bonuses, it will likely close your accounts and confiscate the funds in your balances. A better and legal practice is bonus hopping. That is when you play on a platform until you use up your free-play funds and then move on to another one. Doing so while utilizing no deposit bonuses can prove super-profitable while incurring zero risks.