Why Would You Love Wagering At Online Casino Malaysia?
Why Would You Love Wagering At Online Casino Malaysia?

Types of bonuses and technologies which are provided by online casino

At present the trend of online casinos is touching the top of the sky. Majority of people are preferring online casinos in contrast to land based casinos because of the features provided by online casinos. There are many benefits of playing online casinos which you will get after registration such as free trial, interesting interface, bonuses, high graphics. 

Out of which two most prominent features are high technology and different types of bonuses. Mainly for these two reasons, online casinos got more popularity than land based casinos. Due to better technology gamblers are getting next level experience while playing with high graphics. With the help of free trial or bonus people can test their luck by not paying or risking anything and if you won the game then you can withdraw the winning amount. 

With the increase of technology they start to give tutorials with better technology before you start to play in which they will make you learn the game deeply. Online casinos provide you many types of bonuses and out of which we will discuss some of the prominent.

Welcome bonuses

Welcome bonus is the most crucial bonus which is provided by the most of the website. It is also known as signup or registration bonus. This bonus is only availed by the new user which means who already have their account on that site then they can’t get this bonus again. 

Welcome bonus is immediately credited to your account after the registration process. If you want a welcome bonus you don’t need to deposit any amount, you just have to complete the signup process. The amount of signup bonus is small but it is not bad to test your fortune with that small amount.  Check out casinon utan licens.

One thing you should always keep in mind is to read all the terms and conditions related to the use of bonus. It is because many sites pretend that they are giving a high amount of bonus but when you complete the registration process they don’t give you the permission for using the bonus amount together.  

Deposit bonus

The amount of bonus which is provided by the website on the amount which is deposited by the user in his account. The amount of deposit bonus is higher than welcome bonus. The legal rate of deposit bonus is 100 or 200% which means that if you deposit an amount then you will get twice or thrice of that amount as a bonus. 

Many of the sites provide this deposit bonus on some transactions, on the other hand some provide the deposit bonus only on their first deposits. The size of this bonus depends on your which means that the bigger you deposit higher you will get and lower you deposit, smaller you will get. 

Reload bonus

Beside of all the above mentioned bonuses there are many other types of bonus too on sites like togelsloto. These bonuses are not mentioned on the details of the website. They send this type of bonus as an E-mail. This bonus is just similar to a sign up and deposit bonus. Density of the amount of reload bonus has too much variation and it depends on the bonus you will get.


Sometimes online casinos don’t give you bonuses in the form of cash. They can give bonus in the form of ticket for lucky draw, tourism package and lottery ticket.

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This is not exactly a bonus but we can say it is a bonus. In online, cash back means the amount which is given by the website to the user who has lost their money while playing the game and doesn’t have money to play more. 

This bonus works as a strategy to call the player back who leaves the casino by their fortune. The legal rate of cash back is 5 to 10 % of the lost amount.

Regular bonus 

Name of the regular bonus is explaining its own details. This bonus is given by the online casino on a regular basis after a fixed time period. Major example of regular is free spins which are provided on this website. That fixed time period can be daily, weekly or monthly.

Below mentioned are some high technologies which are used by online casinos.

VR and AR technology

This is the highest technology which is used by online casinos. Virtual reality and Artificial reality are giving an unordinary experience to the online gamblers. Some of the casino sites are providing the headset too additionally with AR and VR. 

This technology gives you a 360 degree view while playing the game. After using this when you play casino games on a computer screen or mobile screen you will feel like you are sitting at the real casino table.  

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is also showing his magic in the world of online casinos. This technology has totally changed the scenario of online gambling platforms. By using this technology you will see the whole room as a casino setup. This technology guarantees that you will love this form of online casino and experience a different thing.

Cloud gaming

Cloud technology is the refined form of all the technology which gives you the experience of heaven. If you have some graphic support and big storage in your device then you can double the fun. Invention of cloud gaming has solved the problem of downloading different files to start the game. If you are playing with the use of cloud games then you don’t need to download any software or file to run the game. You just have to search the game on cloud gaming. 

Improved mobile gambling experience

 It is a fact that online gambling has totally changed the scenario of land based gambling. By the time the online casino comes to the casino world it has given another level experience to their user by providing them many facilities like free trial and tutorial etc.

All the above mentioned are some of the prominent examples of bonuses and technologies which are used by the online casino for attracting users. Many experts also do เว็บคาสิโนออนไลน์อันดับ (ranking of casino websites) on the basis of these factors.