Can Erectile Dysfunction be cured?

Can Erectile Dysfunction be cured?

Did you know?

Over 30 million men face erectile dysfunction 75% of cases of ED come from once a healthy individual.

The highest percentage of the population undergoing the issue experiences mental and emotional stress.

Is this disorder worth losing your self-esteem? No, with modern technologies and medications, treatment of ED is possible.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

ED often creates havoc among people diagnosed with it.

It can cause stress, low self-esteem and conflicting relationship strains.

Often called impotence, caused due to limited blood flow or nerve damage in the penis.

This further results in erectile dysfunction during sexual intercourse, where the mate cannot keep his erection firm during the intercourse.

Treating ED varies from patient to patient as this can be an early sign of physical or psychological conditions.

Therefore, patients have to undergo an examination to find the cause of ED.

The ED condition is a curable disorder that requires some lifestyle changes.

However, if the condition is serious for some people, the diagnosis will help them reverse impotence.

Symptoms of ED

  1. The inability of erection.
  2. Trouble having an erection.
  3. Cannot maintain the erection.
  4. Anxiety and Stress.
  5. Reduced Sex Drive.
  6. Sexual dysfunction.

Reversing Erectile Dysfunction

Medicinal science is constantly evolving every day.

The changes are hard to identify though one can observe by focusing on precise details.

In case you are facing any physical or psychological state, treatment might vary from the general treatment.

However, one must invest their energy in self-care by quitting smoking, alcohol consumption, performing an aerobic activity for at least 30 minutes every day.

The cure starts with the diagnosis.

The psychological diagnosis includes Question sessions, where you have to answer about your relationship with your partner, intimate life, etc.

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That is proceeded to make sure you don’t have any depression, anxiety or mental condition.

If your case has any underlying physical problem, you might undergo the following diagnosis:


  1. Blood Test: To check and collect information about any underlying health issues like type 1 and type 2 diabetes, heart disease, low testosterone etc.
  2. Physical Examination: To check Health issues related to nerve damage in your penis and testicles.
  3. Ultrasound: The ultrasound test helps to check if the flow of blood in your penis and testicles are proper or not.
  4. Urinalysis: This is a urine test performed to check the possibility of diabetic interference.


The treatment starts after the diagnosis of any physical or psychological conditions; treatment solely depends upon the condition a patient might have.

Your preferences matter in this treatment. Your partners’ preferences matter too.

Oral medication is a win-win for many patients diagnosed with ED.

Drugs like Cenforce, Vidalista, and Fildena 100 (Sildenafil Citrate) have been useful for many patients.

When it comes to the correct medicine a lot of research goes behind the development of drugs.

These drugs are safe to use under the self-diagnosis stage with the proper guidance of doctors.

Ask yourself questions regarding your intercourse experiences.

Do you want to fulfil the sexual desires of your partner but can’t put effort at the moment? If yes, you need Cenforce.

People who have tried Viagara but faced some side effects.

Cenforce 100 is one of the best alternatives of viagra available in the market.

The best way to go free from all side effects.

Would you like to have a hard erection during your intercourse, yet you don’t know how to secure that spirit.

As mentioned, underlying health issues directly affect your mood and stability.

One of the most famous drugs of ED is Fildena (Sildenafil Citrate).

This drug is best suitable for males having trouble with blood flow in the penis.

Fildena pumps blood into the penis continuously for 4 – 5 hours.

This results in long-lasting erections and the satisfaction your partners face fills the relationship gaps.

Vidalista is one of the potential drugs for ED, approved by the FDA.

At times when your partner desires to feel the spark, you cannot let her down.

This can arise relationship strains between you too.

The drug might take 3-4 hours to start work on you, thou, this is one of the most trusted drugs.

As soon as, the drug comes into action the effect can stay up to 36 hours of consumption.

Vidalista is used across the world and is one of the best generic drugs.

These drugs can help you achieve your goal of Reversing Erectile dysfunction and with proper diet and exercise, you can stop taking these medications after some time as well.

These drugs are developed after proper research.

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