Six General Mistakes To Avoid While Developing A React Native App

Six General Mistakes To Avoid While Developing A React Native App

You cannot deny that the App industry is thriving, and many speculate that it will continue reaping high profit in the future. React Native is a mobile app development framework that is used by many developers. It will be the main choice when developing cross platform, responsive applications. React Native is an open source platform that has proven to be a favorite of many developers. It enables the developer to build a high-quality app for both Android and iOS at the same time. Here are some react native app development mistakes that need to be avoided to make the process effective. 

Reasons why developers love react native

Before getting into the mistakes, you have to know that developers love to use react native. Here is a list of a few reasons why they love it.

React native uses javascript

It is common that, as a developer, everyone will start their career with javascript. RN heavily relies on javascript to a great extent since they have a clear resemblance with the subject matter.

A straightforward process of installation 

React Native has a straightforward installation process that doesn’t have any complicated steps. Through the node package manager, the RN framework can be installed by the developers, and also it will prevent the developer from the hassle of downloading a binary from the source. 

Greater productivity and truly a cross-platform

The level of the developer’s productivity is the key to developing the cost effective react native app faster. By using react native, a developer can achieve it. It is a true cross platform by which developers can extend their skills to smartwatches, smart TVs, and even VR headsets, and more.

Mistakes to avoid while developing an React Native App

Redux function

It is another mistake that is created while developing the application. It will show an illegal warning, and the state will mutate if the developer does not follow the guidelines. The state store and view are linked together to offer the best and quality performance. RN will have some set state function that offers the value of the previous state. The value of the previous state is stored in a data store that renders based on the state of each software development cycle. Using the component life cycle, you can also see the new state from the data store. While developing the react native app, it is important to be aware of the precious state merging with the new state. 

Lack of development estimation

The developer needs to take care of many things and should have the right amount of estimation of software development. Some of the estimated estimation from developers is:

  • Separately estimating the layout for both Android and iOS platforms. Developers can also make use of some development components to develop and design. Since Android and iOS have several layouts and features, the structure of both should also be different. 
  • According to the backend, react native app developers should look at the web app development endpoints. The developer needs to place the code in a way that will not decrease anything. 
  • The dimension of the device varies, so being a developer, it is important to develop a responsive design. The design developed by you should work responsively for both landscape and portrait modes. 

Existing components

If you are working in a react native development company, then you must know the importance of in-built libraries. To make the development process easier and faster, the in-built libraries will help you in many ways. The only thing is when you work with the unique design layout, you have to ensure that you select the libraries that are useful to code. Additionally, you have to ensure the behavior of the components since the component varies for Android and iOS. For instance, the component props that are available for iOS might not be available for Android, so ensure that you know their behavior. Doing the proper research will help you in your development. 

Left “console.log” statements

At the end of the program, leaving the console.log statements is the biggest mistake that developers make. Console.log statement helps you to detect the bug and understand the problems in the line of code. This statement will also help you to find the reasons for performance failure. After debugging, removing the sentence from the line of codes will slow down the app and impact its performance. So to avoid these mistakes, you have to ensure that you remove the console.log statement before you upload your application. 


Stateless components and wrong initialization of state

The react native mode of development is often confusing, so developers will make two common mistakes, such as using stateless components and initiating the state in the wrong way. To enhance the application’s performance, the development will have stateless components, but it does not have any local state or extend any classes. The stateless components will simply return the functions in the DOM structure. This makes the test easy and pushes the app development faster. 

Wrong initialization is another common mistake that developers often make. With the react-native framework, for initializing and retrieving the state of new objects, the setState () function will be helpful. After this, it will be compared with the new state, and it will merge with the existing one. Setting the initial state properly will continue the cycle, but the mistakes will break the entire cycle, and as a result of this, it will lead to poor app performance. 

Not reading external modules codes

Through external modules, developers can save time because it will make things faster and easier. Sometimes modules break, or they might not work as anticipated, so while using the external modules, developers need to ensure that the native modules are correctly linked. To avoid errors, the react native app developer should verify the codes. When using the external modules, the developer should have enough knowledge and experience to prevent mistakes. Code reading should be treated as the step as one of the react-native best practices since it will help the developers to know what is wrong with the modules and even how it can be solved. 

Summing it up

As you have seen, these are some of the mistakes that app development companies need to avoid when building a react native app. Additionally, some other mistakes that should be avoided are lack of image optimization, passing additional parameters, coding practices, not doing unit tests, and more. To avoid making these mistakes, hire reactjs developers for your next project.