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Debunking the Most Common Cannabis Industry Myths That Exist Today

While cannabis has become legal in many states and locations and people are starting to understand this plant more, there are still many misconceptions out there about the cannabis industry.

This article lists some of the most common misconceptions and explains why these assumptions are false.

1. Cannabis Isn’t Dangerous

Many cannabis enthusiasts take the view that there’s no danger in using cannabis. While cannabis is incredibly safe compared to other drugs, it is disingenuous to suggest there are no harms associated with it.

For example, cannabis can exasperate certain mental health issues such as schizophrenia. When used habitually, it can also cause problems with motivation on memory which could have a very negative impact on your life.

Just because somewhere legalizes cannabis, it doesn’t mean that black market sales stop overnight. In many states where cannabis is legal, people continue to deal cannabis illegally.

This might be because the legal shops don’t have the best marijuana strains or because there are restrictions on how much you may buy at once.

3. Cannabis Is a Gateway Drug

This is is a myth that has persisted for a long time. Despite the constant claims that cannabis use leads to using other drugs, there’s never been any conclusive proof.

If you have to buy cannabis on the black market, it could lead to using other drugs as you might be offered other substances when you go to buy cannabis. When the market goes legal, this is no longer an issue.

In fact, cannabis may actually prevent people from using more dangerous drugs. If you’re looking for something to kill pain, many opiate-based options are actually quite dangerous as they could lead to opiate addiction.

Cannabis is a great pain killer without the danger of severe addiction. If you suffer from chronic pain, you might consider getting a medical marijuana card online.

Most people think cannabis is totally legal in the Netherlands, but that isn’t actually the case. Cannabis operates in a bit of a legally grey area. While cannabis shops are tolerated by the authorities, large-scale marijuana cultivation is illegal.

The police in the Netherlands will still shut down cannabis growing operations even though there are brick and mortar cannabis shops operating throughout the country.

Of course, this means that the shops source their products from illegal operations, but the police overlook this.

The Cannabis Industry Is Still Going

While the cannabis industry has totally transformed, these ongoing myths show that it still has a long way to go. While many states now have a legal market, it still might be a long time before the rest of the US and the world catches up.

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