What is the main cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

What is the main cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

Are you sure you have Erectile Dysfunction condition? Is it possible you are suffering from erectile dissatisfaction? 30 Million men across the world are worried about what on earth is happening to their sex life.

The fun fact is out of these 30 million people, only 30% of men have erectile dysfunction. Wondering How?

As men grow older, they face difficulty in erections, which causes frustration during intercourse. Humans really can make or break any condition with their mindset.

Thus, frustrated men spoil their mood, causing psychological issues, directly affecting erections. Men diagnosed with ED face hard times during erections as the erection is not desirable or firm.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a curable condition, though it can create rifts between you and your partner.

Proper diagnosis takes place for ED as the condition might be a result of a physical or psychological underlying disorder.


  • reduced sexual drive
  • trouble during erection
  • emotional imbalance
  • trouble maintaining the erection

There is not a single reason behind Erectile Dysfunction.

That’s why stating what might be the reason behind individuals suffering from ED won’t be right. Despite the fact, three components can be the reason why you are suffering from ED.

  • Physical cause
  • Psychological cause

Physical Cause

As our lifestyle is continuously changing, it is tough to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Every other person next door is suffering from some disease.

A healthy individual is a gem, and everyone wants to know the secret.

Therefore, more men suffer ED because of some underlying physical disorder or disease.

The illness includes nerve damage or less blood flow in the penis.

Clogged blood vessels (atherosclerosis) — clogged arteries can be blamed for causing erectile dysfunction. The pathway from which blood flows into the penis occlude due to the collection of plaque. This causes a condition known as atherosclerosis. Further, cholesterol builds upon the walls of the vessel resulting in lesser blood flow.

Diabetes — most common for men diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Reports state that it can shrink vessels and damage nerves associated with the penis.

Metabolic syndrome — our body is interconnected with each function and organ. Hence, metabolism and blood pressure, insulin and cholesterol go hand in hand. As atherosclerosis occurs in the body, cholesterol builds upon the walls of blood vessels resulting in less blood flow.

Low testosterone — our body is the holy grail of chemistry and reactions happening every second. The low production of testosterone makes it difficult to stimulate penile tissue. Which further produces nitric oxide that regulates several reactions that are responsible for erection.

Peyronie’s disease — it is also known as Penile Disease. This disease is caused because of injuries and scars during sexual activities. Hence, it forms a scar on penis which directly affects the penis.

Psychological Cause

One of the crucial causes behind erectile dysfunction is depression and anxiety. Every function in our body is working due to CNS and ANS.

To perform any activity, we require energy and brain chemicals. Depression is a condition in which our brain does not produce enough chemicals to regulate our body function.

Hence, it will deprive your sex drive sometimes interest as well and, that causes erection dysfunction. Other psychological causes may include:

  • stress
  • alcohol consumption, addiction affects our mind as well.
  • complications in relationship
  • stress regarding sex performance

What can you do to reverse erectile dysfunction?

Reversing erectile dysfunction is not rocket science. Patients need to undergo diagnosis and adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Having a diagnosis and tests done is vital, as it can help you evaluate other underlying disorders.

People addicted to alcohol, smoking and, tobacco should stop consuming these poisons immediately. These addictions can add the worst consequences on erection dysfunctions. At least 30 minutes workout is a must for the patient.

Meditation can help ED individuals track mood and emotions. If you are worried about your sexual performance, get a counselling session booked and talk to your partner regarding the same. Transparency is the key to healthy relationships.

Meanwhile, you are undergoing treatment. You can try some medications under the guidance of your doctor. These drugs are manufactured after closely studying all the factors which cause erectile dysfunction. Cenforce 150, Vidalista, and Cenforce 200 are PDE5 inhibitors and safe to consume.

As PDE5 inhibitor can be strong taking measures to preventing side effects is important. Having a transparent conversation with your healthcare provider is important before you start consuming these drugs.

Many men diagnosed with ED take these oral medications for best results. These drugs are FDA approved and show least to no side effects. If you want to mend your sexual and emotional relationship with your partner and don’t want erection dysfunction to interrupt your love, grab your medication now from cenforcepills.com. 7 out of 10 men consuming these medications are observing positive changes in their personal life. What are you waiting for?