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What are the Benefits of CBD Dog Treats?

Does your furry friend get anxious around thunderstorms? Does it perhaps suffer from arthritis? Dog owners are responsible for taking good care of their companions’ health. Therefore, individuals should do their best when they see their pets powerless and suffering. 

Fortunately, there’s a universal remedy for the treatment of various conditions, known as cannabidiol (CBD). This compound can be purchased in the form of oil, capsules, dog treats, etc. Since canines adore treats, cannabidiol is best administered through these products. 

There is a wide range of CBD dog treats, such as the Pethempcompany anxiety relief treats for dogs, made of 100% natural ingredients. 

Get familiar with the benefits of these treats for canines.

Promote calmness in anxious canines

Dog owners consider CBD treats a favorite type of snack for their companions owing to the calming properties of cannabidiol. The presence of excess stress hormones in the brain of canines leads to body imbalance, which makes it impossible for these creatures to handle anxiety. A large number of dogs suffer from separation anxiety, manifesting symptoms like destructive behavior, excessive barking, and restlessness.

Moreover, dogs with separation anxiety are incapable of finding comfort when left alone in the house, fearing their owners would never come back. Apart from barking and pacing, canines manifest their anxiety through urinating, escaping, whining, trembling, etc. Sometimes, their anxiety is related to noise phobias when exposed to the sound of fireworks and thunderstorms. 

Nevertheless, CBD treats restore the body balance and calmness in these animals. Cannabidiol is known for bonding with endocannabinoid system receptors, which are directly related to mood and body balance. By giving such treats to your companion, he/she will be calmer when you aren’t at home. Cannabidiol makes canines happy instead of anxious because of increasing their serotonin levels. 

Modulate inflammation and chronic pain

Another benefit of giving CBD treats to your companion is modulating inflammation and chronic pain. Canines are susceptible to chronic pain once they get old, mainly due to arthritis. Also, acute pain might be caused by an injury. In both cases, pain manifests with stiffness, limping, no willingness for jumping and climbing stairs, depression, etc. 

Fortunately, CBD treats can relieve pain in dogs by blocking the pain receptors and improving their mobility. Cannabidiol has the power to transmit pain signals traveling through the endocannabinoid system to the brain. Also, CBD treats are an effective remedy in the fight against inflammation. Arthritis isn’t the only condition causing inflammation in canines. It might affect the skin, gastrointestinal tract, joints, as well as any other body part.

dog treats

Furthermore, cannabidiol employs its anti-inflammatory properties to minimize inflammation. It reduces redness, swelling and makes the inflamed area less warm on the touch. As far as skin inflammation is concerned, CBD treats minimize scratching and licking. Find out what to do if your canine has irritated skin.

Help with nausea and appetite

Another reason why pet owners decide to introduce their companions to CBD treats is the effect these snacks have on appetite and nausea. These products foster a healthy appetite in ill and senior dogs that experience poor appetite. The only way for them to restore their strength is by making them eat some food. 

Cannabidiol bonds with the ECS system to stimulate appetite by increasing the production of the ghrelin hormone responsible for inducing hunger. Additionally, it employs its antiemetic properties to minimize nausea and vomiting, which decrease appetite. Canines tend to experience nausea when having a virus or parasite, as well as when battling cancer and kidney failure. 

Help with cancer 

Even though the effects of cannabidiol on cancer are still researched in animals, this compound is thought to minimize cancer symptoms and fight this lethal disease. For example, CBD is claimed to have an anti-tumor effect that stops tumors from growing and cancer cells from spreading. Hence, by feeding your dog CBD snacks, there is a great chance for you to prolong the life of your companion. 

In addition, these treats can help canines cope with cancer symptoms in a much easier manner. Such symptoms include weight loss, nausea, change in appetite, lethargy, lameness, insufferable pain, etc. Cannabidiol boosts their energy and appetite while reducing pain. Consequently, your loving companion will put up a better fight against this aggressive disease. The following link,, includes some useful facts about cancer in canines.

Regulate the immune system

Another reason why pet owners stand to gain from giving CBD treats to their canines is the ability to regulate the immune system. Cannabidiol helps dogs with both overactive and weak immune systems. Those with overactive immune systems develop autoimmune diseases whose symptoms include increased urination, fever, anemia, alopecia, ulcers, joint pain, thickened footpads, etc. 

Weak immune system symptoms, on the other hand, involve skin lesions, harsh reactions to infection, appetite loss, fever, recurrent infections, tummy troubles, high-stress levels, tiredness, slow-healing wounds, etc. CBD, however, suppresses an immune system that’s overactive while providing support to immune-deficient dogs. 

Help with seizures

Last but not least, CBD treats are known to be an effective remedy in canines with epilepsy. This condition is prevalent in dogs, showing symptoms like jerking, drooling, mouth foaming, muscle twitching, tongue chewing, etc. Nevertheless, cannabidiol has proven to decrease the number of seizures in these animals as long as it’s taken regularly. 

Final word

CBD treats can become your dog’s best friend. 

Give them a try!