An Outline of Medical Device Manufacturing in Mexico

Technology has a major role in healthcare, and it continues to evolve in new directions. Today, you will find different medical devices functioning in the hospitals, at homes and in the bodies of people of the smallest size, often sharing data with each other. As more and more companies are shifting in the healthcare realm, competition in the medical device production has intensified deeply. Experts state that to compete, medical device manufacturers should enhance their efficacy and keep their manufacturing cost as low as possible without compromising on the quality in these devices.

Companies are constantly discovering different solutions to meet these demands. Manufacturing procedures are continuously developing with recent technological advancements ranging from better automation to AI, 3D printing as well as nanotech. They are exploring the cost-saving benefits of medical devices manufacturing Mexico.

Factors that bring medical device manufacturers to Mexico

Medical device production has become a giant manufacturing industry. In the year 2018, Mexico exported over $9 billion in medical supplies, with predictions from the Instituo Nacional de Estadistica y Geografia placing that to be near $15 billion by the end of 2021.

At present, it is the 8th biggest supplier of medical equipment and supplies globally as per the data from the Mexican Association of Innovative Industries of Medical Devices.

Well, you have a number of reasons to witness this rise. Firstly, Mexico has a sturdy chain of manufacturing training, business communities, and a labor force able to deal with highly complicated manufacturing needs at prices extremely competitive that that of the United States. A lot of devices are small and needs to be manufactured by hand, passing different construction stages.

The multi assembling procedure needs highly skilled labor, easily found in Mexico’s workers.  Along with it, the market lies in close proximity to the biggest medical markets in the United States. Yes, San Diego stands at the third position in life sciences in the United States.

Medical device manufacturers find Mexico feasible

Mexico has become a feasible location for the medical device industry’s pioneers producing everything from pacemakers, needles to pipettes. While some are long-time producers, others are recent innovators. Some of the companies already manufacturing medical devices in Mexico are Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, Welch Allyn and GE Medical Systems.

All these companies are well-known names and produce a broad range of equipment for healthcare purpose.

Accomplish high quality medical devices manufacturing Mexico

Assuming the critical nature of these production procedures, there are tough processes manufacturers need to go through to gain approval to sell their medical devices. Mexico regulates medical devices by the Federal Commission for the Protection.

The devices are regulated by organizations like the US Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health that regulates manufacturers that produce, package, label and import medical devices sold in the US.

American Industries Group offer full compliance with international safety standards and offer manufacturers with everything needed to establish a successful manufacturing unit in Mexico. Contact the team today to learn about how you can efficiently start medical devices manufacturing Mexico.