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What Is Individual Therapy?

Nearly half of American families have sought professional therapy for mental health problems so far in 2021.

Sometimes, families need to work out their problems as a group. But often, one member of the household needs individual therapy to feel better long-term.

Seeking help is often easier said than done, but if you (or someone you love) are struggling, make sure not to suffer in silence. There are things you can do to improve the situation. 

If you are looking for an individual therapy definition and explanation, read on for the 101. 

What Is Individual Therapy?

So, how do we define individual therapy, as opposed to group or intervention therapy? Individual therapy is when an individual person consults with a professional therapist.

This could be someone like a psychotherapist, counselor, or social worker. In truth, individual therapy is about self-improvement. It’s facilitated through frank discussion in a non-judgemental environment.

There are many stages of individual therapy, and it is a gradual process. Many movies and television shows depict a ‘breakthrough’ moment, and this is not often the case. Individual therapy slowly builds you up into the person you want to be.

Should I Get Individual Therapy?

It is a common misconception that those who could benefit from therapy are somehow ‘broken’ inside.

The one-on-one nature of individual therapy topics includes helping you understand yourself better, reach and realize your goals.

Let’s face it: nobody is perfect, and, in reality, everybody should consider individual therapy. It can help virtually anybody, no matter their background, beliefs, or life stage. 

If you are still unsure whether therapy is for you, consider taking an online test for common mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. These tests can help show which individual therapy topics to talk about should you decide to pursue therapy.

Where Should I Go for Individual Therapy?

When looking for individual therapy, it is important that you find a reputable therapist with a good set of testimonials and reviews.

You should also make sure that your therapist is somebody you feel comfortable with. This will make the therapeutic process easier and give you more freedom of expression during your individual therapy sessions.

If you are not seeking individual therapy for yourself, find a therapist with the facilities to help the person you are seeking therapy for. Consider specialist therapists for children or the elderly.

There really are no downsides to getting individual therapy as long as you find someone that can accommodate your needs.

Be Your Best Self With Individual Therapy

That’s everything you need to know about getting individual therapy. For some people, group therapy may feel easier, while others need the intensity of individual therapy. 

No matter how you’re feeling, there are benefits of individual therapy for everyone. So, if you’re feeling the need for some self-improvement, don’t hold back. 

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