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Buying an apartment: what criteria to choose?

The choice of which apartment to buy is above all personal. It all depends on what you want to do with this real estate investment. The location, the age of the building, the floor, the living space, the layout of the rooms, the possibility of an additional bedroom, the presence of an elevator, a balcony or a guard … are so many criteria to take into account because they bring more or less value to your home.

A property located in the city center, close to transport and shops will always be more valued because there will be more chance of attracting tenants or buyers during a resale.

If you are looking above all for a place to live, look for an apartment to rent in finaincal district that meets your desires or that could meet it after a few adjustments. There is no point in buying coins that you don’t plan to use. Unlike rentals, you will indeed have more possibilities to transform the accommodation by knocking down partitions, replacing windows, installing a heating system, changing the floor and wall coverings.

For an apartment, you will sometimes have to obtain the agreement of the co-ownership before carrying out work. Owning your main residence allows you to save money in the long term (no rent payment) and to invest in stone.

You can also choose to become an owner and then rent your apartment to someone else. This solution is also interesting because it allows you to earn regular income. It also requires good management skills because you have to find a tenant, establish rent receipts and maintain the condition and comfort of the apartment without disposing of it as desired. If you do not wish to take charge of this part, you can perfectly entrust the rental management of your accommodation to a real estate agent and Nyrentownsell also helpful to do it.

You can benefit from financial aid and tax advantages when buying a home. The Pinel Law, for example, allows you to reduce the amount of your property taxes depending on the length of time you want to rent your home. The 0% loan is granted to first-time buyers when buying an apartment or a house, new or old with work.

Important elements for buying an apartment

One of the major elements of your real estate project will be your purchasing capacity. You can have a more or less important personal contribution but you will most of the time need to have recourse to a mortgage. The amount of the credit and the monthly payments are established according to your income and your expenses. Do not hesitate to contact several banks to obtain the most interesting loan rate that will allow you to best finance your project.

Once your budget has been defined, start your real estate search. There are several important stages in buying an apartment. You can of course start your research on websites to get an idea of ​​the available apartments that match your budget and your criteria.

It is also interesting to benefit from the advice of a professional to accompany you in your steps. On Bien’ici, you can contact the agencies from the advertisements of goods for sale or from the directory. A real estate agent will offer you to visit several apartments available for sale and corresponding to your project.

During visits, pay attention to the smallest details, especially if you are buying in the old one. Check the condition of the walls, floors, ceilings. Find out about the condition of the electrical and plumbing systems. Do not hesitate to test the operation of switches, faucets, doors, windows, and shutters. Ask to know the surface in m² of all the rooms.

Depending on the floor on which your apartment is located, pay attention to any vis-à-vis, exterior noise pollution, especially on the bedroom side, even if it means coming back to visit the apartment at different times and days of the week. You will thus have a complete vision of daily life in this accommodation. If work is necessary, do not hesitate to carry out a counter-visit with a professional of your choice before the real estate transaction.

To have the most complete vision possible when buying your apartment, find out about the condominium, the neighborhood, any projects under construction or that may one day be carried out around your home. You could indeed discover that the co-ownership of your building authorizes the installation of a business on the ground floor which could be the cause of noise pollution.

Do not hesitate to inquire about the housing tax: its amount depends on the surface of your accommodation and the district in which it is located. When you have found the property of your dreams, you will need to write an offer to purchase – which communicates your conditions to the seller before establishing a sales agreement – which precisely acts on the terms of the transaction. This last document will be signed by both the buyer and seller parties with a notary.

Buy or rent, or even buy to rent: have you made your choice? Bien’ici puts at your disposal a large number of advertisements for apartments for sale in new and old.

The Advantages of Buying an Apartment

  • Becoming the owner of an apartment or a house is the dream of the majority of French people.

  • Buying an apartment is a real long-term investment. You thus constitute a part of your heritage that you can leave to your loved ones.

  • You can choose to make it your main residence or rent it out in order to receive regular income.

  • Rarely does a home’s value drop overnight. Buying property is therefore a safe way to invest your money. Especially since nothing prevents you from selling it later to finance another project.

  • If credit rates go down or your financial situation improves, you have the option of renegotiating your mortgage and saving money, which never happens with a rental. Being a homeowner is even more reassuring when you retire.