Learning programming

A step-by-step guide for students to learn programming from scratch

Just like with any new skill, coding is going to be challenging at first. If you’re entirely new to the development sphere, it will be a long way to learn how to code. The more dedication you bring, the more knowledge you get. You should choose a field and a programming language that most fits you. When you don’t understand where to start, this beginner guide by cheapwriting.services will help you make the first steps in the tech world.

Choose a path in what you want to work

This is the basis of your future IT career. Choosing a sphere and field, like front-end and back-end development, is crucial. When you try to figure out what to start, check websites and youtube videos. This will help you get more knowledge about work details and opportunities in each field.


One of the best starting languages is JavaScript (JS). It is impossible to become a software developer today without using this in some way. According to Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developer Survey, this coding language is the most common among developers for the eighth year in a row.

Like HTML and CSS, JavaScript is an essential starting point for front-end developers. The biggest part of the web’s most popular sites (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube) relies on JavaScript. This helps create interactive web pages and enjoyable display content for viewers.

Even though JS is mainly a front-end language, it has a variety of applications. It is also used on the server-side via Node.js to build scalable networks. Node.js is compatible with Linux, SunOS, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Since this javaScript has a flexible syntax and works across all popular browsers, it is one of the beginner-friendly programming languages in 2021.

Find the best course for you

Today, many people learned how to code by themselves. But it takes much more time and effort to find relevant information and understand how to apply it. That is why it is always recommended to find a great course based on your programming language. Also, there are numerous online schools and lessons available online for free. They include Codeacademy, Coursera, edX, Udemy, AGupieWare and GitHub.

All these online schools provide free courses for many types of languages and tech spheres. So you don’t need to struggle with constantly looking for a starting point.

Apply your knowledge

In the beginning, you will learn coding basics. But you need to go the extra mile every time. Try to improve your understanding by applying what you have learned. Without this, you will likely forget how to apply some kind of code. You should always watch videos, use a coding library and read books. Then try to apply everything to real development. You can choose any type of website and try to create your own version of it. If you don’t know how to write something, just use the internet. You will be surprised how many things you can get from doing this. Just remember not to stop, use the best proxy services and always try something that you don’t know. You will be grateful for the dedication and effort you applied when your first company will suggest a job.