7 Awesome Reasons to Move to Vancouver This Year

Are you ready to shake things up in your life and you’re looking to move to a new place? Are you considering a move to Vancouver, a place that regularly ranks as one of the best cities in the world?

Located on the very far west coast of Canada, also ranked at the top of places to live lists, Vancouver has a long list of reasons it attracts so many new residents.

As if you need more reasons, let’s take a look at some of the reasons Vancouver is so alluring for a big move.

1. Vancouver Welcome

The truth is Canadians are known for being warm and friendly. Vancouver residents are no exception. With many ex-pats and residents who’ve relocated to Vancouver, the city often takes on a vibe of we’re in this together.

If you decide to move to Vancouver, you’ll feel welcome because people are just that friendly in this city.

2. Beaches Galore

Vancouver comes with some prime real estate perched on the Pacific Ocean close to the US border. If you love beaches, Vancouver will have you hooked with its majestic ocean views and beautiful Pacific beach scene.

3. Skiing, Snowboarding, and Majestic Mountain Views

Okay, maybe you love beaches, but you’re going to love winter too. With views of the mountains in the distance from the city, you get the best of both. You’ll find some of the best skiing and snowboarding anywhere in those nearby mountains.

4. Smart Investment

With the real estate market hot all over the place, Vancouver is a wise place to invest your money. The values remain high on housing and property. You certainly won’t lose money in this housing market. Consider these private lenders when you’re ready to buy your Vancouver home.

5. Strong Employment Opportunities

There’s no doubt Vancouver is a bustling city. As a port city, it’s also a city full of jobs because of its shipping and industry. It’s also a popular tourist destination which adds to the job market opportunities too.

6. Climate

Winter was mentioned previously for skiing and snowboarding, but the truth is that Vancouver is blessed with a wonderful temperate climate thanks to the Pacific Ocean.

Vancouver has one of the last of the temperate rainforest climates in North America making it both enjoyable and easy to live in without harsh winters sometimes found in other cities this far to the north.

7. So Much to Do

Okay, maybe you’re not a skier or snowboarder, but don’t give up on Vancouver. The city has a thriving art scene, hip restaurants galore, an aquarium, and spectacular opportunities for outdoor activities.

If you’re a nature lover, Vancouver offers up opportunities to see some of mother nature’s best wildlife including bears, bald eagles, sea otters, humpback whales, and more.

Are You Ready to Move to Vancouver

The question isn’t if you should move to Vancouver. The real question is what’s taking you so long to decide? This city truly has something for everyone and welcomes its visitors and new residents with open arms.

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