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6 Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Colorado

Dual diagnosis occurs very frequently, but there are very few proper places to treat these disorders. If you have someone you know suffering from a dual disorder, this article will help you find some of Colorado’s best dual disorder treatment centers.  

What Does Dual Diagnosis Treatment Mean? 

Dual disorder refers to the condition when mental disorder and alcohol addiction occurs together in a person. Most people who suffer from drug use or alcohol addiction have higher chances of having mental disorders at some stage of their lives. It often goes unnoticed or is considered an effect of the drug abuses, but they are not always related. Following are some of the reasons for dual diagnosis, 

  1. Stress, trauma, and depression are the most common reason among today’s generation for both substance abuse disorder and mental disorders. 
  2. Mental disorders can trigger drug use. People who have difficulty sleeping or relaxing might depend on antidepressants to get over their condition, which can lead to too much attachment and, hence, addiction. 
  3. Sometimes substance abuse can also lead to mental disorders. Highly potent drugs reduce the nervous system’s function, leading to problems like memory loss and other disorders. 

What Are The Best 6 Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers?

Finding good dual diagnosis treatment centers in Colorado is very hard; the following are the top 6 places in Colorado that you can suggest someone in need,

  1. The Ranch at the Raleigh House – Their main priorities are always their client’s needs. Providing both mental health and alcohol addiction treatment in Denver, CO, their staff is trained professionals in their fields. Located just 15 mins away from Denver, Colorado, this treatment center has excellent views of mountains and endless green fields. They are also flexible about different financing methods and support various insurance services. 
  2. Sandstone Care Teen & Young Adult Treatment Center – Located in Broomfield, Colorado, this treatment center focuses on treating teens or young adults who are more prone to dual diagnosis. They have a highly experienced team capable of handling people from that age group. 
  3. Peaks Recovery Center – This Colorado Springs mental health treatment center has specialized programs for treating addiction and mental disorders in males and females. They have a gender-specific approach to all problems, which helps in faster cure. 
  4. Footprints to Recovery Addiction Treatment Center – Experts in treating co-occurring disorders, this Colorado inpatient drug rehab and mental health treatment center values one’s work obligations and family relations. These programs are designed so that it does not obstruct the daily life of an individual. 
  5. Mountain View Recovery – Another one of mental health facilities in Colorado Springs, Mountain View Recover provides personalized rehab solutions for every individual. Their programs support every addict all through their life to remain sober. 
  6. Center For Recovery, Inc. – Located in Denver, they are experienced in providing telemedicine support. Their services can be availed from anywhere in Colorado just by signing up for their program. 


There are a lot of different drug and alcohol treatment centers in Colorado that are available. If you know someone from Colorado suffering from dual diagnosis, then those mentioned above 6 are the best that the state offers.