Memory Care

Comparing Tennessee Assisted Living Facilities with Memory Care Homes

Taking care of the elderly is a tricky topic as they require constant assistance, and most people cannot provide for them daily because of their busy schedules. Hiring domestic help is also very expensive, so the only viable way of taking proper care of the old is by admitting them to assisted living facilities or memory care homes. 

There is a lot of confusion related to these two facilities; although they provide similar services, they are very different. In this article, we will be looking at these two facilities in detail and figure out the differences between the two. 

What are the differences between Tennessee assisted living and memory care homes?

Memory care homes are similar to assisted living facilities, but they specialize in older adults suffering from some disease that causes memory loss. Following are fields where the difference between these two facilities are noticeable, 


Assisted living facilities in Tennessee provide in-room services and emergency care, but things are more critical for people having memory loss problems. Staff is constantly keeping track of people with dementia as they can get lost easily and require a carer almost all the time. 

Timed entries are maintained, and entrances are guarded to keep track of every individual. The facilities are built so that minimum effort is required for people who have difficulty walking, and there is less confusion for older adults to move around.  

Staff Training

The staff at both these facilities are well trained with different ways of meeting day to day activities of the elderly. They are also trained in carrying out emergency medical procedures in case of an accident. Apart from all these, staff at Tennessee memory care homes are also trained to carry out different tasks regularly that helps people with dementia improve their condition over time. They are also used to treating cases when someone loses memory for a short time and knows how to handle them in those situations with minimal chaos. 

Activities and treatments

Assisted living centers in Tennessee make their members perform exercises regularly to keep their mobility intact. There are arrangements for different clubs like music, books, and games to engage the elderly in an active lifestyle. Treatments are more common in memory care facilities as several therapies are going on to help people with dementia improve their condition. Music therapy and reminiscence therapy are some things that imbibe relaxation and improve the lost senses in people.  


Assisted living communities can have first-class facilities and trained staff. Still, if both the assisted living community and memory care homes have the same living conditions, memory care facilities in Tennessee will be more costly. A lot of effort goes into taking care of the elderly with memory loss issues hence higher prices. 


Both these facilities require trained professionals, and they provide the best environment for taking care of older adults. Memory care units are appropriate for people suffering from memory loss as the people there are specially trained to take care of them.