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Leather jackets are the most attractive staple of your wardrobe; either you are going for the date or have a riding plan with your friend, you need a thing to complete your personality, and that is a leather jacket. It is the best top layer that keeps you looking fresh all day long. The convenient staple combines with comfort and style that’s hard to catch with the other fashion pieces. So why was the leather jackets invented? Three words are the answer to this question, style, comfort, and durability. 

The versatile jacket is a must-have piece for both men and women. There are various classes of the different stages of this product, the biker, the slim fit, and the bomber; these three are the most appropriate designs that work smartly for every situation. However, many other styles are also available in the market, and people follow them; all these are comparatively bold looks and represent the modern era. 

A high fashion staple that has been working for more than a century and does not seem to look out of the fashion industry in the future, too, it is only and only a leather jacket. In this article, ShoqzFashionz will focus on the topic of Why leather jackets were invented? The answer to this question is straightforward, but to understand the reason, we should dive into the history of the leather jacket; let’s begin.


The Black Leather Jacket … Always Classic, Always New | Randolph Street  Market

 Let’s trace it back to the origin; yes, we should start from the early 19th century, when this stylish piece of fashion was born, and its making was related to the First World War; the German fighter Pilots started wearing this top layer to keep them safe. At that time, the jackets were made in black and brown colors only. Later, the variations came, and now we have every color of leather in our reach.


In 1928 Irvin Schott was the fashion designer who introduced the leather jacket in the fashion industry. He followed the motorcycle design, which is still present in 2021, with some alterations. At that time, the designing of the jacket was so accurate, and they keep everything in their mind while manufacturing and their efforts came up with brilliant ideas of perfect measurements. 

The Inspirational Era:

How did leather jacket become so popular | History

After the invention of the leather jacket and its approach to the fashion world, the staple gained popularity. It first started from the high-class of the society, which makes it valuable attires for the gatherings. It was the time of 50’s and 60’s. In the same era, Hollywood brought up his style to the streets, and we started seeing the main cast wearing such a lovely top layer. People who think that these are the different fashion that is only followed by the big pockets, so, it all went down. Soon, handsome heartthrob James Dean appeared in the movie with an outclass jacket.

Hollywood knew the potential of leather costumes; these are the most iconic looks and times fewer pieces. The fashionistas realized these approaches to be the following relaxed style for everyone. In that era, Alfred Hitchcock lead person Steve McQueen quickly adopted this fashion, and soon people see a tremendous change in the world of fashion.

Women And The Leather Jackets:

The Subversive, Sexy and Sexist History of Women's Leather Jackets

In the 1970s and ’80s, women took the forward steps in the fashion world, the jacket, which was relatively called a man wardrobe piece because of its dominance, provided a vast range for them. In these decades, we saw women fighting with the guys, riding the bikes, or even heading to the secret agents’ duties. In the music world, Michael Jackson, Blondie Joan Jett were the people who took the initiative and brought the jackets to the doorstep. 

These two female artists brought the leather jacket in the next era with studs, pins, and buttons. The rock and roll style went viral, and ordinary people started to think about this adoption. Brands came up with brilliant and affordable ideas as the demand for the staple was going on its peak. Then the variations, mixtures of the different materials, and combinational styles were invented. Those are comfortable and affordable too.

The Modern Era:

Vintage 80's 90's Cropped SOFT LEATHER Moto Jacket / 1980's  Cropped Leather Coat / Dolman Sleeves / Women's Size Small - Medium by  RubyThreadsVintage from Ruby Threads Vintage of Silver Spring, MD |

Since then, the leather jacket is the most crucial style for everyone, getting famous and becoming common, and popular with every coming year, the fashion is ageless and timeless. Thanks to fashion designers, celebrities, movies, and even video games, they introduce a new and unique design every day that people like and get for their style articulation. 

How did leather jacket become so popular | History

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 Why Were The Leather Jackets Invented?

Hopefully, our article covers all areas of the information that relate to the topic of why the leather jackets were invented. If we concise it, the leather jacket was designed, giving the best protection against weather and winds. And honestly, the same motive we get today is more famous because they provide excellent warmth, keep us comfortable, and are the perfect source of the most dominant and stylish look. 

We can say that we have lots of safe options that suit everyone; finding the best for you is not tricky; there is something for everyone. People pay attention to what you wear and how you carry it. Make your presence more attractive and feel yourself chic and cozy in the best designs. 

Bottom Line:

Having a leather jacket is the genuine excitement that is only felt by the real fashion lover. From early ages to now, they are practical and fashionable, keep the wearer warm, and give the look of craziness. Finally, the jacket is for sure a striking look that is always in the trends and revolves around itself. If you want the most iconic look with sophistication, you should pick the jacket in leather.