Different Types of Face Mask to Fight Viruses

Different Types of Face Mask to Fight Viruses

Wearing a face mask is the new normal. Whether you are going to the office, school or even to get groceries, it is imperative to make use of facemask. We may have all become a bit too complacent after learning that the infected cases had reduced and when the vaccine had arrived. It is too soon to throw caution to the wind. Winters are likely to bring a new wave of flu season and the virus is going to be active yet again. We must still be following all the instructions and making use of face-covering as told by medical practitioners.

Into 2022 we are hearing of a new variant that is considered to be more dangerous. Many health experts have advised getting a booster shot that will give added protection against the virus. If you are still not vaccinated against covid19 we highly recommend that you get the shot first thing. Moreover, maintaining social distance, using hand sanitizer, and wearing a surgical face mask for sale are some of the ways to stay safe in present times. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

We must follow all the standard precautions for reducing the spread of the virus. Covering the face when in public is crucial and that is the only way to remain safe.  Three primary types of face masks can either be purchased or sewn at home. You can easily get ready to wear a face mask in Karachi. However, there are also many ways to make your own by using cotton or silk fabric. Some people want to ditch that black and blue surgical facemask for something more vibrant and bright. Let’s discover those and we will also share the most authentic websites to buy them from.

 Face Mask to Fight Viruses

Homemade cloth face mask

You are most likely to catch the virus when in close contact with an infected person. This is why it is reiterated to maintain a 6-foot distance from others. On top of that wash your hands properly with soap and water. It is not possible to stay indoors for too long or avoid crowded places like grocery stores and pharmacies. Your best bet to remain safe is having a face covering.

This type of face mask can easily be sewn at home and is also washable. So you can reuse it as many times as you want. This type of face-covering can be made from a variety of fabrics such as cotton, silk, or linen. If you are planning to use silk, just make sure that it has an inside covering so that large particles or respiratory droplets can’t transfer. You can watch many videos online to check for ideas and learn how to sew one. It is quite easy and if you ask us a great way to pass time. During a lockdown when people were getting bored at home and running out of ideas to keep them occupied this activity was just one of many to have some fun.

Surgical facemask

These are disposable masks that must be used once only. The loose-fitting makes these face masks an ideal choice for many. People mostly complain that the elastic is too tight but you will not experience issues while wearing a surgical face mask.

Many people keep reusing them which will not serve the purpose.

There are many available in the market at very low prices but the quality is dubious. It is best not to compromise on your health and choose a face mask in Lahore available at leyjao.pk. You can find 50 piece box in green and blue color. Initially, these types were being used by front-line medical workers but now they are recommended for everyone to use. This is because contamination is likely to happen anywhere and hospitals aren’t the only place having the highest risk factor.

N95 respirators

These are a tight-fitting protective device that claims to block at least 95% of tiny particles. Most people complain of experiencing stuffy feelings while having the mask on. But with N95 respirators you will not have such problems.

These are designed with a one-way air valve which will keep the mask cool and less stuffy. You can find the original 3M Respirator kN95 mask that comes with an adjustable nose clip, certified info, and production date. Keep in mind that these face masks, unlike the rest, aren’t one-size-fits-all. It is better to test them before use so that it seals effectively to your face, and you receive the much-needed protection.

 Face Mask to Fight Viruses

Wearing a facemask is the easiest way to remain safe from all types of viruses and diseases. Upon leaving the house, if you don’t have a face mask on you so simply cover up with a cloth mask or a bandana. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy.


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