White Widow Feminized Seeds

White Widow Feminized Seeds

Get ready to learn everything there is to know about White Widow feminized seeds.

White Widow feminized is a great all-rounder hybrid that’s a favorite amongst smokers everywhere.

We’ll go over all the important info on White Widow feminized seeds. You’ll learn all about its effects, flavors, aromas, and medicinal uses.

You’ll also receive some valuable tips on successfully germinating and growing feminized White Widow seeds.

Grab a seat, get comfortable, and join us as we explore the wonderful White Widow feminized.

White Widow feminized seeds description

White Widow feminized seeds give you the chance to grow your own crop of a famous hybrid cannabis strain.

White Widow is a world-renowned strain that’s been a favorite of smokers since its appearance in the 90s.

A mainstay of Dutch coffee shops for decades, White Widow has a balanced suite of effects and a rich flavor profile.

White Widow’s popularity led to it becoming one of the most well-known strains in the world. The name alone is synonymous with high-quality cannabis.

White Widow has also contributed its genetics to strains that are equally loved. 

The prestigious White Russian, Blue Widow, White Rhino, and Moby Dick weed strains contain White Widow genetics.

If you’ve never tried White Widow, you owe it to yourself to rectify that mistake! Get yourself some feminized White Widow seeds and see what all the fuss is about.

Because White Widow seeds are feminized, you can rest assured that all your seedlings mature into bud-bearing females

You also don’t have to stress over possible pollination from a sneaky male plant in your grow area.

While regular seeds are useful for breeding, feminized seeds are the obvious choice if you’re just after bud.

Before we delve into this Cannabis Cup winning strain in detail, let’s lay out the basics. 

Check out this brief overview of the features of White Widow feminized below:

  • Parents: Brazilian sativa landrace x South Indian indica landrace
  • THC: 18–21%
  • CBD: <2%
  • Flowering time: 8–9 weeks
  • Effects: Creative, euphoric, energetic, talkative, focused, uplifted
  • Medical applications: Arthritis, insomnia, muscle spasms, stress
  • Flavor: Earthy, spicy, pine, herbal
  • Dominant terpenes: Alpha pinene, caryophyllene, beta-caryophyllene
  • Indoor yield: 15–16 oz. per m²
  • Outdoor yield: 24 oz. per plant
  • Grow difficulty: Easy

White Widow feminized effects

The weed grown from feminized White Widow seeds features a wide range of mental and physical effects. 

White Widow’s hybrid makeup results in an energizing and uplifting high followed by a profoundly calming sense of bodily relaxation.

Equally energizing and relaxing, White Widow feminized is a perfect choice for evening or nighttime use. 

The euphoric and social-enhancing qualities of this weed are perfect for gatherings. Watch as this powerful bud loosens tongues, widens smiles, and dissolves inhibitions

The indica effects which inevitably follow leave most users too comfortable to do much else. 

An irresistible feeling of bodily relaxation spreads through every muscle in the body, relieving tension and physical stress.

The possibility of couch-lock is present in this weed. As such, it’s best consumed toward the end of the day or when you’re free of responsibilities.

Along with recreational users, White Widow feminized is also a big hit with medicinal users

Once again, its hybrid composition brings a host of medicinal applications for both physical and mental issues.

The uplifting and euphoric effects of White Widow feminized are a huge benefit to many users.

Those experiencing general stress, anxiety, or moderate feelings of depression find significant relief here. 

Those who experience social anxiety can also find great confidence when smoking White Widow feminized. 

Users with lower tolerance levels should consume it in moderation as the cerebral effects can become overwhelming for the unexpecting user.

White Widow feminized flavors

From the moment White Widow feminized begins to flower, you can tell you’re in for a treat.

As your flowers begin to bloom, they swell and become coated with a glistening layer of trichomes. White Widow feminized produces insane amounts of THC-packed resin.

Accompanying the visual splendor of White Widow’s frosted buds is a bold and potent aroma with an earthy, spicy quality. 

The cured bud from feminized White Widow seeds packs a rich and powerful aroma and an equally complex taste.

The aroma retains its earthy quality, with notes of pine, sandalwood, and herbs released when the buds are broken open.

When smoked, White Widow feminized suffuses any room with its pervasive and striking aroma. Anyone familiar with the scent of White Widow can identify it immediately.

The flavor of White Widow feminized is as powerful as its aroma suggests. A delicate but distinct earthy flavor intertwines with subtle notes of herbs, spices, and aromatic woods.

How to germinate White Widow feminized seeds

The process of germination can often turn off potential growers, but germinating seeds is simple. It’s probably the easiest part of growing White Widow feminized pot seeds.

Let’s look at two easy methods you can use to germinate your feminized White Widow seeds successfully.

The first common way to germinate seeds is in water. This method is exceedingly simple and fast. Follow these steps:

  1. Fill half a glass with purified or bottled water. Use a wide-necked tumbler or similar-shaped glass. A wide glass makes it easier to get the seeds out when they sprout.
  2. Put your White Widow feminized seeds into the water. After a half-hour or so, you should see the seeds sink to the bottom of the glass. Any floating seeds after this time may not be viable.
  3. Place the glass in a dark, warm place like a cupboard. Check on the seeds every twelve hours or so.
  4. Once a taproot emerges from the seed case, take it out of the water and place it in its growing medium.

You can leave cannabis seeds submerged in water for up to 72 hours. Any longer and they may develop rot. 

In most cases, this won’t be an issue as seeds in water usually pop within a day or two.

The next method is commonly known as the paper towel method.

Follow these simple steps and keep an eye on your seeds, and you shouldn’t have any problems:

  1. Before starting, prepare everything. You’ll need some bottled water, tweezers, some paper towels, your cannabis seeds, and a plate.
  2. Moisten the two paper towels and then carefully and gently wring out any excess water.
  3. Put one wet paper towel onto your plate. Take your White Widow feminized seeds and place them onto the towel, leaving an inch of space between each one.
  4. Place the other paper towel over your marijuana seeds, adding enough water to keep everything moist.
  1. Make sure there is no free-standing water by lifting the paper towel. Pour away any water sitting on the plate.
  2. Put the plate in a warm dark place; a cupboard or drawer will do just fine.
  3. Leave the seeds for 24 to 120 hours. Keep them moist, and don’t let them dry out. Check your seeds carefully every day.
  4. Once your feminized White Widow seeds have a healthy taproot, they’re ready to plant. Take the germinated seed with your tweezers and place them in their growing medium.

Marijuana seeds are naturally predisposed to germinate in the right conditions. As long as you can provide these conditions, nature takes care of the rest.

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White Widow feminized seeds grow information

One of the best features of White Widow feminized seeds is their ease of growth and minimal fuss.

The low barrier to entry makes these some of the best feminized White Widow seeds for beginners.

Veteran users, don’t be misled by our recommendation. The quality and potency of White Widow feminized means this is not a strain to dismiss as a ‘beginner’ strain.

White Widow feminized grows happily indoors and out. Like most cultivars, it requires plenty of light and a warm environment. 

White Widow’s Indica genetics provide some resistance to lower temperatures. Growing White Widow feminized seeds in the USA is possible if you’re not too far north.

Indoor growers can expect moderate yields and a flowering time for White Widow feminized of eight to nine weeks.

More experienced growers can increase their yield with the use of scrogging or super cropping. White Widow is a moderately large plant and can grow up to six feet indoors.

Once taken to harvest, indoor growers can expect to yield around 15–16 oz. per square meter.

When grown outdoors, expect White Widow feminized to grow to at least six feet tall with adequate light exposure. 

Under ideal conditions, outdoor yields can be much higher than indoor. Many outdoor growers can harvest up to 25 oz. per plant.

Whether you grow indoors or out, it’s a good idea to give your plants some protection from pests, fungi, and disease

The distinct aroma from flowering White Widow feminized is highly attractive to insects, so a foliar insecticide spray can work wonders.

Keep your RH levels low throughout flowering and ensure adequate airflow amongst your plants to protect against fungi and bud rot.

White Widow feminized seeds genetics

White Widow is proof that high-quality strains don’t always need to have a complicated genetic profile. 

You won’t need a degree in genealogy to get your head around this cultivar’s straightforward genetic makeup.

White Widow feminized is the resulting offspring from crossing two landrace strains. 

The first genetic contributor is a Brazilian sativa landrace. The remaining parent is an indica landrace strain that hails from the South of India.

These indigenous landrace strains contributed their all-natural genetics and effects to create the perennial favorite, White Widow.

You can take a look at White Widow feminized’s genetic background below:

South Indian indica landrace  White Widow feminized
Brazilian sativa landrace

Where to buy White Widow feminized seeds 

Now that you’re up to speed with the wondrous White Widow, you’re probably itching to grow your own.

We’re happy to tell you that if you want to buy White Widow feminized seeds, you’re in luck. 

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The wonderfully welcoming White Widow

Growing your own weed is often seen as a rite of passage among smokers. If you’ve yet to give it a shot, why not jump in with these White Widow feminized cannabis seeds?

Easy to grow, low maintenance, potent effects, and high THC levels. What’s not to love?

White Widow feminized seeds are the perfect choice for beginner and veteran growers alike.

If you like the sound of an easily grown hybrid with out-of-this-world effects, these marijuana seeds are for you.

Don’t delay and get yourself over to Homegrown Cannabis Co. to begin your horticultural odyssey!