Easy Natural Hair Routine and the 7 Miracle Methods Needed for Luscious-looking Hair

Easy Natural Hair Routine and the 7 Miracle Methods Needed for Luscious-looking Hair | Grace & Company

Easy Natural Hair Routine and the 7 Miracle Methods Needed for Luscious-looking Hair | Grace & Company

Sometimes hair is difficult, time-consuming, and unmanageable. Without a proper hair routine, it can end up looking brittle, dull, and lifeless. Although adopting a natural hair routine is great, your routine may change based on what your hair needs. We’ve listed the 7 miracle methods below that should be included (but can be flexible), in a great natural hair routine.

1.         Cleanse Your Hair Weekly or Monthly

How often hair needs to be cleansed does vary depending on your hair type. There are a few hints hair gives so you can judge how often it needs to be shampooed. Must Visit for luxury shower caps

  • If your hair is looking dull and greasy, your hair needs to be shampooed more frequently.
  • If your hair is dry and brittle, you should shampoo it less

The frequency of shampooing could vary from a couple of times a week to once or twice a month. Finer hair needs more washing, whereas thicker hair will benefit from less washing.

You’ll want to look for a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo that will go easy on your scalp and hair.

2.        The Three Types of Conditioner You’ll Need

Healthy hair needs a variety of conditioners to thrive. The first conditioner you’ll want to use is a daily or rinse-out conditioner. It’s used whenever you get your hair wet and it helps in the detangling process. To apply, you add it to your strands and ends, taking care to avoid your scalp. Then, rinse it out with water.

A leave-in conditioner is used whenever you wash your hair or get your hair damp with a spray bottle. It’s used to retain moisture and to help detangle and doesn’t need to be washed out. Usually, this type of conditioner is put in before styling.

Easy Natural Hair Routine and the 7 Miracle Methods Needed for Luscious-looking Hair

A deep conditioner is like a spa treatment for your hair. This conditioner is used when you need extra moisture and strength as it’s packed with detangling properties and nutrients. Keep it in for as long as 15 minutes or overnight depending on the label, and then wash it out. The frequency of use for deep conditioners can be weekly or bi-weekly.

3.         Moisturize

This is the special ingredient for soft, luscious hair. First, spritz water over your hair to make it damp. Then, apply a moisturizing hair cream to your hair. This cream will vary depending on your hair type, but usually, any curl cream, defining, or moisturizing cream will work.

Then, you seal the moisture in with a sealant.

Your hair type may need moisturizing daily or every other day. The best time to moisturize is at night to protect your hair while sleeping, and to give the moisture extra time to penetrate your hair.

4.         Seal the Moisture in

After moisturizing, the best way to keep the moisture in is to seal it. Oils are great sealers. Depending on your hair type, you may opt for heavy or light oil. For a heavy sealant that is best for thick hair, try castor oil. And for finer hair, try avocado or olive oil.

5.         Detangle

Detangling often is key for healthy hair as it reduces matting, dryness, and breakage. To start, spritz your hair with water to make it damp and easier to manage. To ease difficult detangling, try adding a leave-in conditioner to the strands. Then, detangle using a wide-tooth comb, starting gently in a downward motion from the ends to the roots.

6.         Style and Protect

Whether you’re putting hair up in braids or a bun, this is the part where you get to experiment with different types of hairstyles.

While sleeping, you can use a shower cap or sleeping bonnet to protect your hair. This will reduce breakage and matting, and help to retain its moisture.

7.       Using a Shower Cap in Your Natural Hair Routine

There are several ways to include a shower cap to make your hair routine easier. On

no-shampoo days, you can use a shower cap to protect and keep your hair dry. A shower cap can also be used while deep conditioning so you don’t accidentally get the product on your clothes. And while sleeping, a shower cap can also be used to protect your hairstyle and keep it from becoming tangled.

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There are many ways to create a natural hair routine, but the deciding factor comes down to your hair and what suits it best. Does your hair prefer shampooing every week or every two weeks? Does it always feel dry? These are questions you’ll have to experiment with.

Your hair may need extra moisture care, which means using less shampoo, more deep conditioners, and more moisturizing products. Adding a shower cap to your hair routine is the easiest way to protect your hair and reduce breakage. This, in turn, will lead to hydrated, beautiful curls.