5 Unusual Types of Relationships That You May Have Missed

5 Unusual Types of Relationships That You May Have Missed

For many people, romantic connections and relationships carry so much weight that they are the meaning of their lives. But as you know, no two relationships are the same. Most of us go through various kinds of relationships and gain valuable experiences out of them.

While the most socially-accepted relationship is the monogamous one, other options are not part of the mainstream. For example, the man and woman can simultaneously have multiple sexual or romantic partners in some relationships. In addition, they can come in different formats, including exclusive, sex-only, committed, etc.

Thanks to various online dating websites, people can now easily find a perfect match for whatever scenario they enjoy. This article will tell you about five unusual types of relationships that you might not have noticed.

  1. Open Relationships

This type has become popular in some areas between couples. In this relationship, the man and woman are emotionally committed to each other, but they’re both free to sleep with another partner. Proponents of this relationship believe that they should not limit each other’s desires, and having sex with another person is not considered cheating.

For example, you might see a couple looking for female partners to have fun with. Such couples feel emotional intimacy and look for another woman to be able to satisfy their desires further. Experts also call this type the “liberated relationship.”

  1. The Carefree Relationships

You can see this type mostly between younger couples who don’t live together but have fun and spend their savings in a carefree way. Since their finances are separate, there isn’t much to worry about. This approach is fine as long as there are no plans.

But if things get serious between the two of them, they should make some changes. They can’t settle down without changing how they used to be and resolving all the relevant disagreements.

  1. Polyamory

Sometimes mistaken with open relationships, polyamory is the phrase you might see on user profiles on the dating website. It refers to a condition when the couples arrange to be in a relationship with others as well. In other words, three or more people have romantic love together or with other men and women.

  1. The Stagnant Relationships

The next type introduces the relationships in which the partners don’t feel right together, even after a long time. They’re neither completely happy nor unhappy. Instead, things go along on a routine basis, and none of you know for sure that you can make the positive changes your relationship misses.  There’s no growth in this case, and the parties can’t play a positive role in achieving each other’s goals.

  1. The Rebound Relationship

A rebound relationship usually happens after a divorce or bad breakup before entirely dealing with the emotional fallout. You feel that love is what you need to cover up the bad feelings, and everything is built on the fear of what you’ve gone through.

Although rebounds appear as the convenient way to escape griefs and negative feelings, these relationships are fragile. Usually, miscommunication and not having clear expectations will get things messy between the partners after a while.


Whether you’re in monogamous relationships or the other types we mentioned above, what matters most is that you have a healthy one. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution in this context, so it’s you who decides which way to go, and online dating websites are the perfect opportunity to meet your special someone.

Couples therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on the interpersonal relationship between two people. It is a form of talk therapy that is designed to help couples resolve conflicts, deal with difficult emotions, and improve communication skills.

Above all, don’t forget that a lot of problems in relationships can be worked out. Therapists are great assets that help you and your partner keep aligned.