When it comes to taking a trip to Utah, certain times are definitely better than others. Keep reading for the best time of year to visit Utah.

When Exactly Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Utah?

The name “Utah” comes from the indigenous Ute tribe, and translates to “People of the Mountains.” It makes sense that the majority of tourists would come to the state in search of the stunning slopes that gave it its name! There are 84 major peaks for visits to explore on foot or skis.

What is the best time of year to visit Utah and see those illustrious mountains in the flesh?

In the summer, Utah is a major destination for hiking and outdoor sports. In the winter, the powdery slopes are the coolest place to chill! In the spring and fall, you’ll see families camping in droves beneath the impossible Utah sky.

How could anyone decide when to make the trip?

Your perfect trip to Utah will depend on what you hope to do while you’re here! We’ve created this guide full of things to do in Utah all year long. Keep reading to pick up some pointers before you plan your perfect outdoor adventure in the beehive state!

The Best Time for Outdoor Adventure

If you want to spend an entire day hiking in Utah’s parks, you should aim to arrive in the springtime! The peak season is between March and May each year, while the weather is warm and mild. You’ll avoid heatstroke and sunburn by shoulder hiking before the summer hits!

Some of the best places in Utah for springtime hikes include:

  • Zion
  • Bryce Canyon
  • Capitol Reef
  • Arches
  • Canyonland

If you do hike these ranges in the spring, aim to take a breather near a waterfall. Spring is the best season to check out these gorgeous natural wonders. You’ll be able to cool off and take some incredible photos!

The Best Time for Travelers on a Budget

If you want to see Utah but don’t have money to spare, aim for an autumn trip. The weather is cooler in September, October, and November. While that means you’ll have to avoid lakes and waterfalls, you’ll show up just in time for foliage in the mountains.

Your trip may be quiet, but this is the best time of year to stay in a hotel. Nightly rates are sometimes up to 40% off compared to the busier summer and winter months!

If you’re okay putting on long sleeves, you can enjoy the same scenic hikes as spring visitors! Bring along a jacket for the evening and you’ll stay toasty, even on those dark autumnal evenings!

The Best Time for Winter Sports

It probably goes without saying that the best time to hit the slopes with your snowboard is winter! You’ll see peak ski conditions in the Northern part of the state as early as December each year. By January, nearly every winter sports destination is powdery and ready to go!

Most visitors agree that the slopes are perfectly primed by February. In certain parts of the state, you might even be able to sneak one final ski trip in March! March is also the very start of the soggy hiking season, so you can change out of those boots and hit the trail when you’re done!

The Best Time for Natural Beauty

“April showers bring May flowers” in most of the country, but in Utah, those flowers come early! The mounds and mounds of melting snow get the ground nice and soggy and wake up the sleeping seeds. The stunning blooms start showing their colorful faces in April, and peak in time for the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival in May!

It begins getting hot by the end of May, so you might want to plan your camping trip before school gets out for the year. If you’re nervous about slumbering on that soggy ground, consider zion luxury camping, or another glamping company. You can hike all day and then rest your weary bones in upscale outdoor accommodations!

The Best Time for Water Sports

You don’t need to make the mountains your only destination! Some of our favorite Utah activities take place on the water. If you enjoy canoeing, boating, or tubing, you’ll want to aim for an early summer trip.

If you want to avoid crowds and extreme heat, try to arrive for your trip in June. That’s the last month of Summer when it’s bearable to be outdoors in the afternoon. By July you’ll want to start scheduling outdoor activities for the morning or evening or risk burning to a crisp!

August is equally hot but begins cooling down by the end of the month. September is the final month before it gets too chilly to hit the river.

Things to Do in Utah by Month

The question shouldn’t be when to go to Utah, but what to do when you arrive! Here is a list of our favorite Utah events by month.

  • In January, catch a flick at the world-famous Sundance Film Festival
  • In February, explore the ice caverns
  • In March, check out a road biking festival
  • In April, join the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab
  • In May, visit the Great Salt Lake birding festival
  • In June, harvest fruit at Capitol Reef National Park
  • In July, cheer at the pioneer day parade
  • In August, attend Bonneville Speed Week at the salt flats
  • In September, have a blast at the Utah State Fair
  • In October, take a tour of Timpanogos Cave National Monument
  • In November, watch a performance at the Dicken’s festival
  • In December, hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square

It’s Always the Best Time of Year to Visit Utah!

There are few states more beautiful, dynamic, and versatile than the beehive state! From its five sprawling national parks to its endless opportunities for adventure, you’ll be too busy to feel bored! All that to say, it’s always the best time of year to visit Utah, as long as you pack for the weather!

Are you still seeking your perfect travel destination? Check out the rest of the blog for more posts like this one! They just might inspire your next great adventure!