5 Reasons Tennessee Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

5 Reasons Tennessee Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Food, beauty, nature are some of the things most of us consider as we put together our travel bucket list. Many of us put a lot of effort into this, and rightfully so. After all, you want to come back with pleasant memories from a refreshing holiday.

Sometimes, a great trip is not the one that takes you across the world, but lands you in the heart of Southern hospitality. You can find this warmth in the beautiful state of Tennessee, someplace that should be on your bucket list.

Tennessee is a glorious state in the US that is equally famous for its singers like Dolly Parton as it is for its hot chicken. So, if you want good music and delicious food, this state should be your number one choice. But the reasons for visiting Tennessee do not end there. There is so much you can do, explore, and enjoy on your visit. Here is why you should travel to the 16th state of the US:

1. Thrilling outdoor spots

Tennessee has many great outdoor spaces, making it the ultimate hiker’s dream. Whether you want to go trekking, biking, or want to take in waterfalls cascading on picturesque trails, Tennessee does not disappoint. One of the most beautiful spots is the Smoky Mountains near the Tennessee-North Carolina border.

However, before you begin your journey, you should reserve your accommodation in the Smoky Mountain cabins, which are an excellent bargain and provide you with comfortable lodgings. Once you have stretched your legs and settled in, you will be able to easily enjoy your trip and return to a warm bed. When you arrive at the Smoky Mountains, you will get to take in the scenic views of the orange leaves, relish the scent of the wildflowers, and paddle serenely.

After exploring the mountains, you should go to Chickamauga Lake, which provides a peaceful diversion to fish for Bass north of Chattanooga. You can also swing by Fall Creek Falls, the best-known waterfall in the area, to take in all of its splendor.

2. Mouth-watering cuisine

The south is known for its hearty comfort food that can still surprise you enough to keep you on your toes. Great trips often culminate in great dining, so you can’t say you visited Tennessee until you sample local delicacies. In Memphis, you can enjoy the Dyer’s Deep-fried American burger, a local specialty featuring a hearty ground beef patty fried in a 100-year-old grease.

Tennessee is also known for its aggressively hot fried chicken, which will leave you teary-eyed and sweaty, but extremely satisfied. If you want to feel the spice kick up your throat, you should try Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack in Knoxville. The story of how the recipe came to be is worth the trip itself.

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But, if you want a standout meal you can boast about to your friends, head over to Nashville, where Biscuit Love awaits with their succulent gravy biscuits and conclude your trip in style.

3. Great local attractions

Tennessee has a lot of local attractions if your wanderlust is not yet satiated. Memphis is the home of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll Elvis Presley, and his Graceland mansion is a popular hub for fans. This will allow you to visit the estate and catch a quick glimpse into the life of the man who was one of the most significant icons of the 20th century. The massive mansion will take you through all of Elvis’s possessions, including his collection of cars and the family’s tombs.

Since you are on a musical journey, you should also visit Nashville. You can stop by at the Country Music Hall of Fame located in the city’s famous Music Row. You will get a front seat to trace the journeys of country music’s biggest superstars over several decades, all in one place for you.

Near Pigeon Forge is the famous Dollywood, named after Dolly Parton, Tennessee’s most popular musician. Over there, you will get to enjoy over 12 rides, indulge in-country food, dance to country folk, and have a boatload of fun exploring the 150-acre theme park.

4. Music to dance to

Tennessee is the heart and soul of all kinds of music, with a rich tradition that stretches back over decades. You may have heard all the hit tunes on the radio, but they are even more sensational to witness live.

In Nashville, you should visit the B.B. King’s Blue Club to enjoy live blues, soul, and even rock’n’roll near the Lower Broadway in the downtown area. You will also get a chance to visit the local’s favorite Bluebird cafe, where you will see many live performances.

You may also catch musicians performing at Overton Park in Memphis, where Elvis first took the stage. Knoxville should be another pit stop for you where you can listen to live music, so head down to the WDVX radio station. This station will give you a taste of bluegrass, if you’re so inclined.

5. Impressive architecture

Who doesn’t want a chance to gaze at history? Tennessee is a historically and culturally rich place with vintage architecture. While in Nashville, you should see the Parthenon, which is the centerpiece of Centennial Park. Within the Parthenon stands the 42-foot statue of Athena. This architecture captures the creativity of the ancient Greeks and the ingenuity of Americans and puts it on display.

As you drive to Chattanooga, you will get to cross Walnut St. Bridge, one of the world’s longest pedestrian bridges. It serves as a connection between downtown Chattanooga and the North Shore. So, give yourself the chance to walk the same journey, people decades before you did.

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You should also check out the Tennessee State Capitol, where you will see the status of the seventh and seventeenth US presidents. The inspiring look at your heritage is sure to become the highlight of your trip.


Tennessee is the heart of the south. There is so much for you to do once you pack up and go to this state. Cities like Memphis, Knoxville, Nashville, and Chattanooga await you with their historical significance. Once you get to Tennessee, you will witness great outdoor spots, eat delicious food, visit local attractions, jam to live music, and see gorgeous buildings. So why miss this chance to culturally enlighten yourself and visit the home of some of the country’s best musicians?