What to Know Before Hiring an Agency to Build Your New Website


When your business is set-up and little important details like the usual business card and leaflet or brochure are procured, the natural next line of action is to have your website, which will serve as your online storefront and virtual brand that will present your business to the world. It’s thereafter important to be familiar with what to know before hiring a website design agency around Montreal or anywhere else.

Here, we talk about the 5 things to put into consideration before hiring a web design agency that will propel your business.

  1. Project Requirements

Your goals for wanting to create a website must be clearly outlined; you must be able to answer questions such as: Will my website be an e-commerce platform that sell products/services I want to render, or will it exist simply for the provision of information, or a combination of both?

On a personal note, you should come up with a design wish list, which entails the reasons why you want the website in the first place. This should be the starting point for your project and ability to do this will help in deciding the website agency to hire.

  1. Time Factor

Designing a complex and unique website oftentimes take longer time than people expect, this is because there must be a communication line between your team and the agency you want to employ to develop your website, this communication line is meant to engage on content gathering, reviews, approvals and meetings, which are important in web design and web development process.

During the cause of undergoing this project, you should prepare for hiatus that may be caused by design changes and reviewing, this back and forth will elongate the time frame for the creation of the website. This may not be good, especially if you’re on a tight deadline for opening your business. Therefore, the time factor of when you want your website to be up and running should be considered.

  1. Services of Partnership.

Regardless of if it’s an upgrade, a full redesign or building a completely new site, it’s important to state and know clearly the terms of services in the partnership between you and the web designing agency. Are you dealing with a freelance developer who is also vast in designing or you have to outsource design? Are you contracting an agency that combines designing and site development together to reduce the bottleneck in the process and communication?

You should dig deep into the technical skills they are offering. For clarity, a design agency may be experienced in UI (User Interface) and have little to no knowledge on UX(User Experience.

So, hiring an agency that offers multiple services like web design, web development, content strategy and SEO will bring all necessary skills together and make the work seamless

  1. Budget

Before partnering with an agency, you must do your research and find out the rate the agency you intend to hire charges to ensure it’s something you can afford. Building a website sometimes cost more than you foresee. So, be prepared.

  1. Generate a Vision Book.

Since no one is expected to venture into any business without having a clear idea of what they want to do, generating a Vision board is important as they help business owners decide how to create the best look for their business.

The vision board should include information such as favorite color you want for your business, preferred font choices, the theme of your business, phrases, slogan, motto and the likes. This is an important thing to know and put in place before hiring an agency to build your website.


The moment you careful put the aforementioned points into critical considerations, you’re ready to hire a web designer. You will be able to tell them, in clear terms, what your expectations are and they will also be equipped with the necessary information needed for the design. That way, you’ll have an incredible website that will give values for the money paid to set it up and also spur your business to get huge Return on Investment (ROI)