What To Know About Your Electronic Signature

What To Know About Your Electronic Signature

Your signature is your stamp of approval, a legally binding agreement. It can be a little daunting to give out. If you’re feeling a little protective over your signature, the thought of putting it out into a digital space might feel like you are doing something risky. It can’t be too unsafe, though, since we saw a 13% increase in the number of people using the electronic signature in 2022.

The electronic signature, or the eSignature, has been around for quite some time now. If you’ve never been in a position of authorizing documents on a digital medium, then you’ll never have had reason to deal with them.

They are becoming more popular, so if there was ever a good time to learn about them, it’s now. We will let you know all the crucial details about electronic signatures. Now you won’t need to worry over those digital documents any longer.

What Is an Electronic Signature?

The name itself can be a little misleading. Is it something you can draw in an application like Microsoft Paint? Does a scanned document of your signature count?

In some ways, these two things can qualify as electronic signatures. They are both clumsy methods of providing one, but they do count. There are far more elegant ways of providing an electronic signature, however.

You can pay for an app that lets you create a signature, and they are viable alternatives, but there’s a free and easy way to do it. One way would be to use Google eSign, which makes attaching a signature to an online document a painless experience.

Is It Safe and How Legally Binding Is It?

As long as you know who you are sharing the document with it and have read what you are signing, it’s as safe as a wet signature. It’s also legally binding to a similar degree, but that does bring in the topic of digital signatures.

A digital signature lends multiple layers of security protocols to the electronic signature. Many states and countries require the digital signature component in a legal scenario. One example to make this more understandable is that a digital signature is notarized, whereas an electronic signature has not.

An online signature pdf undergoes encryption using a set of specialized keys that only allow access to specific individuals. This way, both parties are protected from risk or fraud.

How To Survive a Digitized Word

Digital technology enjoys more integration into our daily lives, but the changes aren’t overwhelming. Like in the case of the electronic signature, there are some benefits when implemented in a safe and secure fashion.

Sending confidential information into the void is an unpleasant thought for anybody accustomed to traditional methods, but don’t worry.

Technology is something to celebrate! That’s what we do here at the blog, where there are regular articles about everything related to tech and more. So stick around, and you don’t need to sign anything to keep reading!