Link Building Strategy To Rank In 2021

Link Building Strategy To Rank In 2021

Though being a time-consuming technique, Link building is one of the best methods for improving Google search rankings. Generating web traffic is very essential for businesses and brands these days. It is because people are spending most of their time at home due to pandemic. They have to build relationships with their customers.

In 2021, it is reported that 73 percent of eCommerce sales will come from mobile. So, it is relatively a good time to establish brand trust and online presence through link building strategy.

Let’s get a detailed overview of Activeseoshield Link building strategy to rank in 2021.

Network Outreach

A large part of SEO depends on creating a reputable and extensive online presence. Network outreach provides exposure for untapped opportunities for building links. You need to identify connections of websites or blogs that can host hyperlinks.

Email Signatures

Email signatures deliver opportunities for promoting and sharing a backlink every time information is sent to another person or business. In 2020, 47 percent of marketers decide to send more emails and create email signatures to generate traffic and lead and build trust.

Utilizing Broken Link Building

When you replace broken links or external websites, you tend to improve organic reach and search engines. Another step involves reclaiming an existing link with a 404 error.

Curating Industries Statistics

When you curate a core of the statistics in your industry, it helps in building quality backlinks. If you are a content creator and are providing a Guest posting service to other websites, you should look for statistics all the time. When you create stats for one Guest posting,  you are helping others by decreasing their research time.

Reaching Out To Journalists

Journalists help content marketers in unique link building opportunities. Hence, look to them as an influencer who is willing to use their connections to link to your website.

Get Attach To Link Building Communities

Communities or online spaces like Facebook, Slack, or LinkedIn groups consist of various content marketers who join and exchange link-building opportunities with one another.

Presenting Virtual Events

In 2020, many events are postponed or moved online due to the pandemic situation. When you sponsor virtual events, you obtain an opportunity to build additional backlinks as well as expanding the reach.

Obtain Benefit From Seasonal Content

Seasonal campaigns for festivals help in building link strategies for many businesses. It provides potential traffic through guest posting and guest posting services.

Adding Links To Alumni Lists And Directories

Many universities have alumni lists of their students that display the business and brands of former students. You can get information about these students by checking the backlinks in the alumni section of the university website.


These few link building strategies will assist you in ranking in 2021. Some agencies also offer SEO link building packages that boost the search ranking for a wide range of businesses. Therefore, link building is one of the effective ways to build brand trust and awareness, drive organic leads, and rank in search engines in 2021.