iGaming Industry Spreading Around The Globe

iGaming Industry Spreading Around The Globe

iGaming is growing in popularity around the world as more consumers are exposed to the industry. While the industry has hit a few snags in certain areas, it has scored big in others. For instance, a subsidiary of JVH has confirmed that it has secured a Dutch iGaming license. Another has been cleared to enter the market of Great Britain. Suffice to say, iGaming will soon sweep the world and collect more fans along the way. Below, readers will learn more about the latest news from the iGaming industry.

Oryx Coming to GB Market

Earlier this week, it was announced that Oryx had been cleared to obtain a supplier license from the Gambling Commission of Great Britain. The subsidiary of Bragg Gaming Group will obtain a license that will allow it to supply content to operators across Great Britain. A handful of games from the company have already been certified and approved for the market. It is anticipated that the company’s games will be live with certain operators before the year ends. Oryx has worked diligently to spread across the world. Previously, it announced its services would be available in Greece and the Netherlands. Now, it will begin serving customers in the UK.

Chief Commercial Officer of Bragg would say that the UK gambling market is unparalleled in terms of maturity and size. Chris Looney believes the move will give his company the ability to achieve significant growth. In addition to this, the Gambling Commission in Great Britain also confirmed it had granted a license to Jogo Global which creates content. Bragg believes it will be able to grow over the next few quarters as it looks for a new Chief Executive. Regardless, the company is making big moves in the UK.

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iGaming Launches In Ontario

Meanwhile, Canada is opening its doors to the iGaming industry. Ontario is preparing to launch its first online casino on December 1. The operator has confirmed it has already started applying for a functional license in the area. iGaming Ontario will be working with the Government of Ontario and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to regulate the online gaming market. The group will also work diligently to promote responsible gaming in Canada. It will focus on a few key activities, including cutting red tape, protecting consumers, and delivering more consumer choices. Before operators can begin serving Canadian consumers, they have to obtain a license. They will need to complete the Know Your Customer identity verification while complying with all anti-money laundering guidelines.

According to the KYC guidelines, operators in Canada will need to identify their customers using verified documents and dual sources. The information will be maintained in the user’s credit file. Monthly monitoring will also be required.

Seminole Sports Betting Halted In Florida

While iGaming is growing, it has hit a few snags as well. For instance, a DC judge recently ruled that the compact between the State of Florida and the Seminole Tribe of Florida violates IGRA or the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. As a result, the judge invalidated the agreement. The decision will immediately halt sports betting in the state. Sports betting was officially launched in Florida on November 1 according to the guidelines of the compact. The law, which was signed by Governor DeSantis, granted the Seminole Tribe exclusive rights to in-person and online gaming in Florida.

Now, the decision has been reversed. There is a good chance that this battle will continue in the courtroom. Sports betting is growing across the United States since it is now legal in Tennessee, North Carolina, West Virginia, Arkansas, South Dakota, Virginia, Pennsylvania, DC, New Jersey, New York, and elsewhere. Now, Florida lawmakers will need to right the ship and attempt to legalize sports betting in the state once again.


iGaming and sports betting are becoming more popular around the world. It is gaining footing in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. However, it has faced a few issues as well. While judges will likely halt the spread of the industry briefly, it can’t delay the spread forever. Fans of the industry should keep an eye on the latest news because the industry won’t slow.