What media sources are the most credible and reliable?

What media sources are the most credible and reliable?

In this modern world where social media is spreading fake news all over the world, no one is safe from it. Not only is social media to blame for fake news getting viral, but also many media outlets that aim to make dollars and have no whatsoever sense of responsibility to report unbiased news.

Well, you might be wondering, where everyone is spreading false news, whom you should trust as a credible source, and which media sources are reliable. This is exactly what we will be identifying here at Observerdesk.

However, before we list the best credible media sources as per our knowledge, let us give you a disclaimer that many opinions would be against some of the sources mentioned here. As far as this list is concerned, we have done our best to shortlist the media outlets that we deemed were not just doing business, but are fulfilling their foundational responsibility, which is informing the people without any biases.

Credible and reliable media sources

NYT (New York Times)

It is one of the most popular and influential newspapers among the American audience. It focuses on the progressive view of the world, however, sometimes, it too takes a left turn with some of the news coverage. Regardless, what makes the New York Times authentic and credible is adherence to the classic elements of American Journalism and reporting ethical standards. The major niches that NYT covers are politics, culture, and business.

Washington Post

The Washington Post has been a famous newspaper for decades and its credibility has never been compromised. From reporting the Watergate scandal in the 1970s and bringing down President Richard Nixon, to getting under Jeff Bezos, Washington Post has come a long way. It has been ranked among the top three newspapers in the US along with the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Moreover, it has also bagged many accolades for providing unbiased news and keeping the Americans updated with current affairs. The best thing about WP is that it evolves with time and as the new era is all about digitization, WP is also working on digital strategies under Bezo’s wing. Apart from that, it is also known to hire smart, proficient, and unbiased reporters.

Wall Street Journal

Initially, when the Wall Street Journal started reporting, it made its name as a business newspaper and it was one of the most sold newspapers in America. Its new ways of presenting features; “Ahed;” middle column features, and “leader;” detailed and in-depth reports, made it popular among the masses. In 2007, the company was acquired by Rupert Murdoch, an Australian media mogul, after which it started reporting general news as well while keeping its specificity in business news. WSJ is still considered among the top in the world for business publications, especially, its editorial page, “American free-market conservatism.” Renowned Republican columnists, such as Bill McGurn, Peggy Noonan, and Karl Rose make it a must-read for the Republicans, while the Democrats also read it thoroughly. Over the years, WSJ has proved that it is one of the authentic news outlets that can be trusted and be considered reliable with its bold arguments and fact-based publications.

New Yorker

Another trusted source, the New Yorker is associated with printing non-fiction articles from various known reporters and writers in a weekly magazine. Apart from that, the New Yorker is smart enough to go online and expand its reach of audience through subscriptions and providing authentic content. Each week the New Yorker produces a plethora of fiction articles, which are analyzed in detail and fact-checked before presenting them to the world. Through detailed analyses and reports on culture, business, politics, and various other topics, the writers not only update the readers with current updates but also write it in a way that is enjoyable for everyone to read.

The Politico

Politico is an outlet that was founded by the ex reporters of the Washington Post who left the organization in 2006. It is not only limited to American news anymore, it has also expanded its wings to Europe. While there are some publications by Politico available in print form, mainly their stories are published on their site. Anyone can access it from there. Moreover, the two founding members of Politico are also launching Axios, which will be a news start-up.

We can safely rely on Politico for unbiased news as it has one of the finest writers and reporters. Not only are these writers and reporters educated but are also experienced and have been working for a while, therefore their sources can be trusted for factual data.

These were the top 5 news media outlets that we deem are authentic and report the right news to the people. Moreover, if you are an online person, then also check out  Reuters, Bloomberg, Observer desk, and the Associated Press for online updates on current affairs. Well you won’t be able to subscribe to them, but you can follow their pages on social handles to be updated with the latest news.