Healthy Pasta That One Should Try Once

Healthy Pasta That One Should Try Once

Pasta is one of the most appreciated healthy noodles in the world and one of the most feared as it is believed that it “makes you fat”. According to nutrition expert Fernanda Alvarado, cooking pasta with healthy ingredients can be an option to lose a few extra pounds.

Healthy noodles costco is made with durum wheat semolina; it provides carbohydrates nutrients necessary to maintain good nutrition and health. As indicated by the Dietary and Physical Activity Guidelines, a balanced diet should include 50 to 55% carbohydrates. This nutrient is classified as simple sugars, starches, and fiber. A correct diet should consist of these last two and limit the consumption of simple sugars to less than 10% 1 of the total calories consumed in a day. Therefore, carbohydrates are not “bad”; you have to choose foods and prepare smart dishes.

According to the Mexican System of Equivalent Foods, a cup of cooked Healthy noodles costco, and egg noodles healthy provides only 130 calories. If it is cooked, firm on the inside, and soft on the outside, it becomes a type of starch that resists digestion and arrives almost intact to the colon, where it is received by bacteria that benefit digestive health. In the case of pasta, it acts as a type of fiber; as long as it is not overcooked; otherwise, it is quickly converted into energy (sugar).

Another benefit of eating pasta is that the body takes longer to digest it, which causes it to release energy slowly and prevents glycemic spikes, helping to keep blood glucose levels stable. On the other hand, Healthy noodles costco includes better insulin sensitivity 2, lower blood sugar levels, less appetite, better weight loss results, and much longer energy.

Incorporate pasta into your meals without guilt

To incorporate pasta into your diet without guilt, nutrition specialists share five tips that you can apply even when you’re on a diet:

  1. – Pair it with protein and healthy fats. Some options:
  • Protein: fish, shellfish, chicken, turkey, beef or pork fillet, egg, panela or basket cheese, cottage cheese, jocoque, or ricotta.
  • Vegetable protein: beans, lentils, chickpeas, broad beans, soy. By combining pasta with legumes, you obtain proteins of high biological value.
  • Fat: Olive oil, olives, avocado, nuts, or vinaigrette dressing.
  1. – Always include vegetables, preferably seasonal, to increase the volume of the dish.

Raw or cooked vegetables? Even though raw vegetables provide more fiber and vitamin C, some are better used when cooked because they enhance their nutritional qualities, such as the case of tomatoes, spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, and carrots.

  1. – Preferably, choose cold preparations to enhance the benefits of resistant starch.
  2. – Do not duplicate cereals. Avoid adding croutons, corn, or potatoes.
  3. – Avoid caloric ingredients such as sausages, melting cheeses, chorizo, bacon, butter, dressings, bechamel sauce, and sour cream.

Why do we recommend you consume pasta?

Therefore, below we give you some reasons why we recommend you consume Healthy noodles Costco without remorse and at any age:

  1. Its ease and quick preparation

Indeed pasta is one of the first dishes you prepare when you start cooking. And indeed more than once, you resort to a plate of macaroni or spaghetti on those days when you have little time to cook, and you feel like eating something delicious and simple, which is not at odds with the result that is always spectacular.

  1. its versatility when cooking

Enjoying a plate of healthy ramen noodles is ideal at any time of the year. Who says no to a fresh salad in summer? And a warm soup in winter? In addition, there is a wide variety of types of pasta that you can combine with different sauces. We never run out of ideas when it comes to cooking pasta.

  1. Both adults and children like it

Pasta is one of those dishes with which you know you will always be right when you have guests, even with the most demanding.

  1. It is an excellent source of energy

The pasta provides a high energy yield, making it ideal for athletes and students. Pasta generates nutritional benefits for intellectual performance since the brain is nourished by glucose, found in carbohydrates and, therefore, in pasta.

  1. It is a nutritious and healthy food

The Mediterranean diet, with which pasta is associated, is considered one of the healthiest hence the consumption of pasta is associated with a healthy and balanced diet. Adhering to a Mediterranean diet style reduces the chances of suffering, among others, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, and obesity.

  1. Pasta is not fattening

Contrary to many people, pasta consumption is not associated with weight gain, as numerous studies have confirmed.

Pasta has high levels of low-glycemic index carbohydrates and is a low-fat food. If you eat it in adequate amounts, accompanied by healthy ingredients, and cook it properly, you can eat pasta without any problem.


Enjoy pasta whenever you want it in your food for all these reasons. From above, it is clear that pasta is not a source of fat if cooked correctly and without adding too many fatty components.