How can novice traders benefit from Elite CurrenSea robots?

How can novice traders benefit from Elite CurrenSea robots?

The trading industry seems to be very hard to join in and start seeing any profit. Especially after gaining popularity in recent years, there is a noticeable upsurge in a competition that scares off beginner traders. One of the recent popular inventions is fully automated trading robots that ease the process of trading for everyone, from beginners to professionals. This algorithmic trading expert advisor does not require any traders interjection, but there are still some parameters that a trader needs to know before starting the robot.

How to start your trading journey

Let us assume you know little to nothing about trading, where you would you need to start seeing improvements. Elite CurrenSea (ECS) is an award-winning company that focuses on both the educational part of financial technologies and has also pivoted towards developing its own trading robots. The company has also features numerous educational content produced by an award-winning trader, analyst and mastermind behind the Elite CurrenSea Christopher Svorcik.

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With ECS’s helpful guides and tutorials, you should be able to grasp the basics of forex trading. Comparisons of different trading strategies, theoretical knowledge behind different types of trading and other interesting topics will help you better immerse yourself in the respective field.

Athena EA for novice traders

When it comes to the easiest way to trade, fully automated trading robots take the lead. The algorithm behind those robots is able to simultaneously analyze large amounts of data and take error-free trading decisions. One of the best trading robots in the market, that for the past two years of operating has not closed any single month on a loss is Athena EA, according to statistics it yields 200% yearly return on average.

Key Stats:Values:
Historical Yearly Performance200%
Historical Drawdown (DD)20%
Risk Reward Ratio (R: R)0.36
Profit Share($0 upfront fees, 20-35% profit share)
Software Rental€499 per year
Live Performance on

One of the most frequent mistakes that novice traders make is to invest in a scam trading robot. To avoid this from happening, it is advised to make sure the robot has third party verification and live trading history, easiest ways to check these statistics are through myfxbook.

When it comes to making the first step some of the beginners are hesitant to purchase a robot that might be out of their budget. In this case, Athena EA has a special managed account version that requires €0 upfront with a 25 to 35% profit share depending on the net capital. With a managed account, you are able to join a trusted environment without any installation files. MetaTrader might be the most suitable choice for investors who are looking for a hand-off approach starting as low as €400.

When you join Athena EA’s managed account, it comes with special onboarding instructions so there is no predetermined experience required for you to start seeing your trading account growing.