visa in South Korea

What materials do international students need to prepare for a visa in South Korea?

To go abroad to study, work, a Visa is one of the first necessary things to have. Every traveler has had many stories with various visa centers and immigration. Even though the process is troublesome for others, it is necessary for everyone to obtain a legal identity when traveling abroad.

Ziptoss has compiled the documents and application methods that are commonly needed in the process of centralized Visa exchange (applied in South Korea) for Korean international students.

All information comes from the experience shared by the HiKorea website and netizens, and is for reference only. Before processing, please be sure to consult about the entry and exit to confirm the materials and procedures, this article will be mainly focused on entry and exit requirements.

  • D4 Visa for D-2 Visa owners

Prepare requirements

  1. Original passport and landing card
  2. White background photos (taken within 6 months, cannot be the same as the current landing card)
  3. Housing contract
  4. Enrollment certificate, transcript, attendance rate
  5. Financial guarantee certificate (equivalent to 10,000 USD)
  6. University (Graduate School) Standard Admission Letter or Form + Business Registration Certificate (ie school business license)
  • D-2 Visa extension

 Understudy (unfinished credits)

  1. Proof of tuition payment
  2. Certificate of Achievement
  3. Housing contract(solo student apartment lease)
  4. Proof of property (please consult for details, each school’s situation is different. Some schools no longer need property certificates, some schools require a grade point of 2.0 or higher, and some schools still need a certain amount of property certificates)
  5. Original passport and landing card
  6. Certificate of Achievement
  7. Certificate of enrollment

Completion (수료, credits have been completed)

  1. Postgraduate registration fee payment certificate (after 수료, a certain registration fee will be paid every semester)
  2. Certificate of Achievement
  3. Housing contract(such as 3 storey apartment lease)
  4. Proof of property
  5. Original passport and landing card
  6. Certificate of Achievement
  7. Certificate of enrollment
  8. Certificate of Completion (수료 Certificate )
  9. Thesis plan (professor’s signature + school international office seal)
  10. Cash for required payments
  • D-2 for D-2 Visa

Refers to the situation of continuing to study in Korea after graduation, from undergraduate to master’s degree, or from master’s degree to doctoral admission.

  1. Proof of Pre-Graduation
  2. Certificate of Achievement
  3. Proof of tuition payment
  4. Proof of Property
  5. Proof of business registration (such as school business license)
  6. Standard Admission Letter
  7. Original passport and landing card
  8. Housing contract

Work permit application

  1. Original passport and landing card
  2. Time system job application form for foreign students (시간제취업확인서, downloadable from the school’s international office website, and requires a seal from the employer and the school’s international office).
  3. TOPIK transcript.
  4. School transcript (requires a grade point above 2.0).

. Certificate of Enrollment (or Certificate of Completion).

  1. Company Contract.
  2. A copy of the company’s business license.
  3. A copy of the employer’s identity.


  1. Do not write the work content in the contract, simply write it as 중국어사무보조및번역;
  2. During the employment period, if the company’s address changes, it must be reported to the entry and exit in time, otherwise you may be fined if found later;
  3. According to the results, whether there is a holiday during the contract period, whether there is a TOPIK score, etc., the permitted weekly working hours will be different.
  4. The salary on the contract must be equal to or higher than the minimum hourly salary standard in South Korea.

D2 for D10

  1. Graduation certificate
  2. Original and photocopy of degree certificate
  3. Job search plan (consider the content well in advance)
  4. The original + copy of the rental contract
  5. TOPIK results
  6. Original + copy of passport and landing card
  7. White background ID photos that were taken within 6 months
  8. Proof of property
  9. Cash for required payments
  • PS:
  1. You cannot apply for D10 if you are pre-graduating.
  2. The job search plan needs to be conceived, you can refer to the online template.
  3. For the first time to apply for D10, a bank transfer is generally not required.
  4. During the waiting period, in principle, you cannot return to your country.
  5. Apply within 14 days after receiving the graduation certificate.

How to apply

  • On-site application
  1. Log in to the HiKorea website to make an appointment.
  2. Arrive at the entry and exit according to the appointment time (if entry is not available, please cancel the appointment one day in advance)
  3. Follow the staff guidelines
  4. Get the receipt, and get the visa according to the date of the receipt. Or accept it on the spot.
  • Online application
  1. Log in to the HiKorea website and click the orange box where “민원신청” is written.
  2. Select the corresponding business and upload the materials as required (either jpg or PDF).
  3. Payment (Online extension may be a bit cheaper than on-site).
  4. Wait for processing, each person is different, it may take up to 2 weeks. During this period, you must log in to the website from time to time to check the status, and supplementary materials might be required.
  5. After passing the review, download the electronic civil application permit and go to the immigration or the nearby resident center to change the materials (in the case of visa change, you can only go to the immigration, please consult the immigration office for details).