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What Can You Do With a Degree in Criminal Justice?

How can you change the world for the better?

There are many ways, of course, but one of the most meaningful is a career in criminal justice. It’s a rewarding way to help keep your community safe and help people in a time of need.

But first, you’ll need to earn your degree in criminal justice, learning all about criminology and the psychology of crime. Once you have your degree, there are plenty of amazing jobs to consider.

To learn more, keep reading to find some of the most popular jobs for criminal justice graduates.

Law Enforcement

There are so many great reasons to work in law enforcement, including generous overtime pay, a varied routine, strong camaraderie, and the ability to help others each day.

After earning criminal justice degrees, many people go on to work in the law enforcement field. You can find work as a police officer, detective, or even a crime scene investigator.

One of the great things about a career in policing is that you can find work anywhere, even if you move to a new town.


Another one of the most popular criminal justice jobs is corrections. Working in a jail or prison, corrections officers work to keep these facilities safe and secure.

The job can be physically demanding and often challenging. However, it can also be very rewarding, especially if you want to help rehabilitate offenders.

If you’re interested in a career in corrections, a criminal justice degree program can help you reach your goals. Many students love the convenience of learning online, so check out a program like https://www.criminaljusticeprogramsonline.com/ to get started.

Private Investigations

Many criminal justice students find work as a private investigator, or PI. There is a huge demand for experts to help work on police cases or to help find missing persons, for example.

Work as a PI can be very lucrative as well. It may involve long hours though, especially when doing surveillance or researching.

DEA Officer

If you’re thinking of a government career, you might find work with the DEA. This stands for the Drug Enforcement Administration and is a huge government department that works to keep our streets free of drugs.

Agents work on cases and help to stop drug trafficking and gather evidence for trials against drug smugglers, to name a few of their varied tasks.

Start Earning Your Degree in Criminal Justice Today

With a degree in criminal justice, the world is your oyster! So many amazing job opportunities await, so get started by enrolling in a course.

Your degree will teach you everything you need to know, helping to prepare you for success. Within a year or two, you can earn your associate’s degree and you’ll be ready to apply for jobs.

You’re sure to love the thrills and excitement of a criminal justice career!

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