What is a PEMF Machine?

What is a PEMF Machine?

Before we start discussing the PEMF machine, let’s know what it stands for. Conventionally speaking, it stands for “Pulsed Electromagnetic Field,” and the machine used for giving the therapy is called a PEMF machine.

The PEMF machine improves overall health and wellness by using healthy electromagnetic frequencies.

Why Do We Need a PEMF Machine?

Molecules in the human body contain some magnetic energy. Bones and other organs comprise tiny cells. Positive and negative charges on the membranes of these tiny healthy cells play a vital role in the exchange of ions like sodium, potassium, and calcium. Any trauma or contaminants can damage these cells that affect their functionality. The PEMF machine helps to restore and re-align these cells to improve health conditions. Some other uses are as mentioned:

  1. A machine that Helps Restores Damaged Cells.

The PEMF machine helps restore the positive and negative charges of the damaged cells and speed up the recovery of tissues to function efficiently.

  1. Operates on Varying Frequencies as per Patient Requirements

Every human system works on its specific conditions and gives a different response to electromagnetic waves. That’s why every human requires different frequencies to target its specific tissue type.

PEMF is a high-powered machine that generates an electromagnetic field with a strength that is comparable to the natural magnetic field of the earth. The Four key types of tissues in a patient’s body receive these electromagnetic fields generated at the precise desired frequency that helps relieve the pain. They work on both low and high frequencies and have different power levels.

  1. PEMF Machine Maybe Helpful in Regulating Electric Potential in Cells

PEMF machines are efficient in re-aligning the electric potentials of our cells. Our body uses electricity to send signals within the body and to the nervous system. Our cells carry a negative charge on the inside and have a more positive charge on the outside. When both of these charges flow through your cell membrane, they produce the required electric current.

Any disruption in this electricity can make you feel sick and disturb your thoughts and behavior. But by using a PEMF machine, you can re-align the electric potential of your cells and can restore the disruption in electric current.

Is PEMF Safe to Use?

Unlike other machines that use EMFs or radiations, such as an X-RAY machine, the PEMF machine uses relatively safer wave frequencies. It has a record of more than 60 years of safe and successful results. This non-invasive medical device is getting popular because of its uses in treating a wide range of conditions and helps to treat patients suffering from incurable long-standing pain.

A Wonder that Works for Humans as well as Animals

For a long time, the PEMF machine has not only been beneficial for humans but has also done wonders in treating animals like broken legs in racehorses.

Always make sure that anyone using the PEMF machine is well-trained and is certified as the machine operates on a specific controlled frequency, and mishandling can cause damage to cells. So to get the maximum benefit from such a wonder, always reach out for a well-trained certified person!

Final Word

PEMF machines are usually seen at physical therapist offices. However, many other healthcare providers also utilize this machine to treat their patients or clients. One thing to take note of while making a decision to buy a PEMF machine is to make sure it has enough recommendations or reviews. Traveling blind in the market may cost you later. So, don’t go for cheap options and be considerate about the features and the material from which it is made. For more information about PEMF and PEMF machines, you can head to the website Healthyline Outlet