FlixPal U-NEXT Downloader: Download and enjoy Shirobako offline

FlixPal U-NEXT Downloader: Download and enjoy Shirobako offline

If you love to roam around with the different characters, stories, and circumstances of the anime world then you have opened the right page to get the best possible introduction to one of the most talked-about anime movies, Shirobako-the-film. And after the introduction when it is time to watch the film then here you would get the best FlixPal U-NEXT Downloader to add this movie to your offline watchlist along with your other favorite u-next downloads.

It’s quite obvious that being a passionate anime lover you are not going to have enough of this movie in your one time watch unless and until you get to watch it as many times as you want to grab the best essence of this movie. So, no other downloader but FlixPal U-NEXT Downloader would give you that much flexibility and freedom to enjoy any of your u-next downloads with optimum satisfaction. However, before leaping into the world of Shirobako-the-film, let’s get a little familiar with the different elements of this movie with its attractive highlights.

Movie Info…Shirobako-the-film(2020)

  • Rating: IMDb 7.3/10
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy, Drama
  • Directed by: Tsutomu Mizushima
  • Produced by: Hiroyuki Aoki, Yoshinori Hasegawa, Kenji Horikawa, and others
  • Cast: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Ayane Sakura, Ai Kayano, and others.


The plot of the story is based on a fictional studio named Musashino Animation that has been facing difficulties and challenges with its employees while producing anime films. The background of the plot is set in a circumstance when four long years have passed after the original event of Shirobako anime.

The plot floats when Aoi, one of the lead characters of the story handling her daily challenges of work in Musashino Animation, suddenly one morning, Watanabe assigned her a new theatrical anime project for the studio. This project has lots of unusual issues and problems and Aoi is afraid of whether the company should go ahead with the project or not with its existing problems. Aoi tries to complete the project with the other teammates while facing all odds.


Since this movie is a sequel of an anime by P.A. Works & Showgate Inc therefore it’s quite important to get a highlight of the background of the original story. It starts with four friends named Aoi Miyamori, Ema Yasuhara, Shizuka Sakaki,Midori Imai, and Misa Tōdō, they all are members of the same animation club of their school and they have a common interest in making anime together. After a few years, they all joined an animation company called Musashino Animation in different designations.

The story is mainly focused on Aoi and her team working on different anime projects and facing several challenges of each project in the company. Now, before starting the movie the current boss of Musashino Animation declared that they are going to stop Time Hippopotamus because the original company has withdrawn their character design.

Because of this incident, most of the employees resigned and the boss also resigned from the presidential post. Due to this incident, Aio along with the other five heroines who have been promoted in their career got into depression. After certain incidents, Aoi tries to get back all the previous staff of  Musashino Animation in the anime timeline, and gradually all the depressed employees get their passion and energy back. Along with lots of ups and downs in the story, finally, SIVA got released to the public. Now, to know how it has been possible and what happened next, you must watch this wonderful movie as soon as possible.

The appealing angle of the story

The most highlighting point of this story is that it conveys the message of unfulfilled potential. The best part of this movie is that every anime character and their involvement have been projected in a very humorous way throughout the movie.

The funny presentation of the characterization would also give you clarity of different aspects of the anime world. Even though the lite presentation of a life drama is quite a charm to watch, the core concept of facing challenges of corporate work culture has been highlighted very skillfully.

This film is a combination of the technical aspects of how the anime world works and the mental exhortation of its execution. So, this story gives the best message to all the anime lovers out there having creative dreams about this world. So, in short, this movie gives you everything related to the anime world in one palette with all its shades and shapes.


Now, no doubt watching this movie is going to be very refreshing, entertaining and of course relatable. We would highly recommend you to watch this anime saga to get the true essence of the anime world. But while watching this movie you might miss the magical spirit of the conventional anime content. This is a comparatively little medium-paced movie where you come across some issues that may seem quite superficial and once the problems get solved they might be a bit unsatisfying to the audience.

We are here to give you the real and true sides of the movie so that before watching it you better prepare yourself to get the original significance of the movie by ruling out its limitations. Once you cope up with the circumstances of this movie, you would surely get carried away with the flow of its absolute realistic approach and funniest presentation, and the relatable dilemma of life.

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