Five Steps to Get On Top of Your Health: A Guide for Women

Five Steps to Get On Top of Your Health: A Guide for Women

Women’s health has long been overlooked, and this oversight has started since we were children. When you learn about the musculature system and the skeleton, it isn’t a female body you see, but a male’s. A common complaint among women is that their health, especially their sexual health, is overlooked by doctors unless they truly push for testing to be done.

This dates all the way back to the days when women were diagnosed as hysterical, and it cannot be further than the truth. Women deserve to have their health concerns taken seriously, and to invest in their health, and you can get started yourself with these five steps:

1. Understand What’s Wrong by Eliminating Common Causes

This step, otherwise known as improving your baseline, is an important step in helping you narrow down your health concerns and conditions. Having a poor diet, not exercising enough, being stressed, and not sleeping enough can cause a series of issues on their own. In order to understand what requires medical help, you will first want to remove the symptoms caused by a poor health lifestyle.Improve your baseline, and you’ll know exactly where to direct your efforts in the future.

2.  Understand How Female Bodies Differ

There are many excellent resources out there, both free and paid, that can help you understand your body and how it works. Understanding isn’t essential, but it is a key step in empowering you to take control of your health and healthcare.

3. Always Demand Testing

It can be easy to just accept the cursory diagnosis from your doctor, but if you feel like the issue is still a problem, it is within your right to demand testing to be conducted. If your doctor does not believe you, or in any way makes you feel like you are ridiculous for caring about your own health, then find another doctor.

4. Find a Personalized Specialist

The best way to treat your health is to find a specialist, particularly one that provides customized and personalized health care treatments. For example, if you have a hormonal imbalance and experience symptoms like acne, hair thinning, excessive body hair, brown spots, low blood sugar, depression, chronic fatigue, and more, then you need a specialist who not only listens to you, but also provides effective remedies like HRT for women treatment.

5. Invest in Your Mental Health and Wellbeing

Your mind absolutely has control over your body. While mind over body is often said as a way to encourage control over your physical symptoms, it is important to remember that the brain can act without our control just as easily. Mental health can result in physical conditions, and an overall malaise that can be very difficult to overcome on your own.

In order to truly get on top of your health, you don’t just need a personalized approach to your physical health, but also a personalized approach to your mental health.

Therapy, therapeutic tools, and wellness habits can all help you feel and be better.