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What Do You Do If You Get Hit By a Truck?

Traffic accidents are devastating events, but they can become even more catastrophic when the accident involves tractor-trailer trucks. If you are involved in an accident with a truck, there are certain things you need to do to protect yourself. Here’s what to do if you get hit by a truck.

1. Call 911

The very first thing you should always do after a truck accident is call 911. Contacting emergency services serves multiple purposes. The first and most important is to give medical attention. Accidents involving trucks can create some of the worst injuries. These injuries might not always be external. Internal injuries, internal bleeding, and bone injuries are all common with truck accidents. It is important to not move and wait to be accessed by medical professionals to prevent further injuries.

Emergency services also help assess the damage and write accident reports. These reports will be used for medical and legal purposes. This duty is reserved by police officers.

2. Documentation

Documentation is vital for truck accidents. Because your case will be going against truck companies, you will need substations evidence and documentation of your accident and injuries. Documentation can include photographing the damages to your vehicle and bodily injuries. You will also want to document the truck’s VIN, license plate, and insurance information. Accident reports and medical records from the hospital you were admitted to will also have to be obtained. Your ability to document the accident will depend on your injuries. If you are severally hurt, have a witness or emergency personnel gather documentation on your behalf.

Getting statements from witnesses will also help your legal case. Eye witness accounts can be used during the legal process and help you illustrate the events of the accidents. You will also need the contact information of the witness. The telephone numbers, names, and license plate numbers of the witnesses will need to be gathered in case the witness needs to be contacted for further questions.

3. Call an attorney

If you have been hit by a tractor-trailer, you may be entitled to financial compensation. It is important to have proper legal representation so that you can get all that is owed to you. Truck accidents are not legal situations that you want to handle on your own. Attorneys that specialize in truck accidents will know how to handle your case. Not only will they help you receive financial compensation for your injuries, but attorneys will also help you with medical bills and your job. There will be many parties represented in your cases. This will include your insurance company, the truck’s insurance company, and representatives from the truck company. Depending on the severity of your injuries, there is a chance that representatives from your job will be involved. This can make your case complex and tedious.

Why These Steps are Important

While it is possible to handle a vehicle accident by yourself, you will need assistance in a truck accident. Tractor truck accidents are more complex than vehicle accidents and require more steps. They also cause more bodily harm than vehicle-on-vehicle accidents. They also involve powerful trucking companies. It is important to know what to do and whom to call when you have been involved in a truck accident. Following these steps can help you avoid legal, medical, and financial problems.