Is An Bui’s Online Career accelerator Truly helping us learn Digital Marketing?

The number of internet users and online-based/ web-based businesses is increasing at a vast momentum. It became a buzzword lately.

The main goal is to target an audience and generate leads. The processes and techniques you apply to promote a product or service online fall under digital marketing. Digital marketing has many fields that include social media, search engines like Google, email, PPC/Ads, etc. As time goes by, the complexity and significance of digital marketing positions have also increased.

It’s an ever-evolving field. Some techniques and strategies that were effective a few years back might not be valuable today. As a digital marketer, you need to keep your skills updated, start using multiple tools and techniques to promote businesses.

What are the Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing?

Here are some of the leading digital marketing skills and their roles:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO Specialist)

Around 60,000 searches per second everyday Google receives as people search on this platform to gain answers. Businesses are focusing on SEO to get more traffic and online visibility for their websites, services, or products. You can also target your specific audience to get the right customers for your venture.

SEO takes time to show results. It depends on multiple factors such as the loading speed, keyword optimization, etc. However, a better rank in SERPs can help in strengthening the brand and generate more awareness.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are like treasures for digital marketers. Digital marketers have to perform social media strategy and manage the social media accounts of their clients. Take Facebook as an example. Currently, the platform has around 2.80 billion monthly users. Other social media platforms also have millions of users all across the internet world.

These platforms let the digital marketers reach where the audiences are. They can communicate with their target audience directly and build followers for their brand/services.

Email Marketing

Email is still one of the most prominent online tools for lead generation and branding. Many companies have been utilizing Email marketing for both outbound and inbound marketing. They release ads on emails to target the market and reach customers where they are. They also create email newsletters for turning followers into their customers.

As a digital marketer, your role is to increase the number of newsletter signups, create compelling content for the newsletters and convert your current subscribers into customers.

Google Ads

Google Ads or AdWords help boost traffic, clicks, and conversions. An efficient way to tell people about your brand. One of the benefits of Google AdWords is reconnecting with your website visitors. You might have these people visited all the pages on your website but never take any action. How do you remind them of you and what you could do for them? Google Ads Remarketing and RLSA campaigns will do that for you!

How can I learn all of them?

The answer is — Online Career Accelerator.

Have you heard about this online digital marketing course? If not, Online Career Accelerator, founded by An Bui strives to let their students get the chance to determine how to make their website, campaigns for web-based media promoting that will develop their experience. An online course that can guarantee to acquire all the best abilities from reliable specialists in the business. This will help you make a move to a more explicit comprehension of practical career choices in the Digital Marketing industry.

Is it worth it? Online Career Accelerator benefits all entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals who need to move their usual business marketing methods into advanced. In this way, this will help them improve future deals and interact with the market, just as people who intend to work at home or go after digital marketing positions. You will adapt precisely how to utilize the Web to promote items and services and new technology online, for example, PCs, cell phones, and other digital media and platforms. A significant encounter for people with zero industry experience. We, as a whole, realize that Digital Marketing is on the surge today. We need genuine experts to give specialized training to help and guide us on our career path. How Online Career Accelerator conveys incredible instruction, reasonableness, and availability to everybody is nothing similar to any online courses out there.

How much does it cost?

The course costs $4,997, which is far more affordable than alternatives like college or business school. Throughout the course, An Bui teaches you advanced digital marketing strategies that are real-life skills to use.

  • SEO
  • Google and Facebook Advertising
  • Finding a job
  • Writing a resume properly
  • Writing a good cover letter
  • Passing marketing job interviews
  • Job interview recordings
  • Salary negotiation for $10,000-$20,000 Increase
  • Growing in your career fast
  • Working a few hours a week

These are just a few things An Bui works on, but the reason why his lectures are very effective is that he has video training about how to do each of his courses step by step. Enroll in the course today!