What Are The Differences Between The CJ7  CJ5 Jeep Wranglers

What Are The Differences Between The CJ7  CJ5 Jeep Wranglers

Jeep is known for its collection of iconic cars, including two of its most popular models, the CJ5 and the CJ7. Though these two vehicles have a lot in common, they’re ultimately still quite different, and anybody who’s a Jeep enthusiast should be familiar with the differences. The CJ5 is notably one of the first models ever manufactured by Jeep, with a release date in 1944 and origins in World War II. The CJ7, on the other hand, would not be released until more than 30 years later, in 1976. If you’re in the market for Jeep wheels for your CJ5 or CJ7, check out selections from the top Jeep aftermarket manufacturers.

Body Styles

Another important differentiation between the CJ5 and CJ7 is the body styles of the two cars. The body style of the CJ5 is characterized by a compact and sleek design, with a width of 68 inches and a height of 66 inches. These specifications make it great for any off-roading activities you might want to enjoy, and it’s also a great option for anybody who’s a customization enthusiast. Its shorter wheelbase and wider size make it ideal for sharp turns and tight maneuvers — though it should be noted that this may also result in a bumpier ride.

The CJ7, by contrast, is taller and longer — but not as wide as the CJ5. Its specifications come in at a width of 65 inches and a height of 70 inches. With a higher wheelbase, some drivers may also enjoy the smoother ride and insulation against any bumps in the road. Drivers who are looking for CJ5, CJ7, or Jeep Gladiator aftermarket accessories will be pleased by the extensive selection that’s available. You can completely customize the body of your CJ7 with a few key add-ons such as new wheels, suspension kits, and other unique accessories for your Jeep.

Upgraded Windshield Frames

Another great way to upgrade your ride is to invest in a custom Jeep CJ5 or Jeep CJ7 windshield frame. Upgrading your windshield glass offers an opportunity to opt for a unique tint or customized specifications. If you simply wish to replace the frame, though, you can enjoy benefits such as higher-quality materials and stronger durability. An aftermarket windshield frame that’s made from steel, for example, may be better equipped to handle off-road adventures. You may also opt to reinforce your existing windshield frame with an add-on seal that offers better weatherproofing against rainy days.

Upgrading your Jeep’s windshield frame comes with a myriad of benefits. If you prefer privacy while you’re on the road, a replacement panel with a new tint can shield your Jeep’s interior from prying eyes. Similarly, if you want to protect your Jeep from the elements, investing in weatherstripping for its frame can significantly minimize the amount of moisture, dust, and mud that can accumulate. Keeping your Jeep in great condition is obviously important, and upgrading its windshield frame, seal, and accessories is one of the most effective ways to do so.