ProTypers Review - Scam and Fraud Labels Diagnosed

ProTypers Review – Scam and Fraud Labels Diagnosed

It looks like earning from ProType is very simple and easy but is it really worth it? Once you are good at typing, you can join the site and earn money. In this article, we will try as much to diagnose the site and make a complete ProTypers Review. As to whether or not ProTypers are a scam, we are yet to know.

The site says that all one needs to do is to type 10 words per minute and then you will earn a few dollars. It sounds easy, but there are a few things that you need to know first.

This work literally pays pennies for countless hours of grueling and horribly boring work. It sounds appealing but the reality is much different.

You need to find out if the site is legit or a scam. That is if the site is good to earn money. This article will help you decide if you can join or not.

What is ProTypers?

ProTypers is similar to another site known as MegaTypers.  The site is legit, it seems, however it does not seem like a good way to earn cash by solving captchas. Let us take a look at the opportunities.

a. Solving Captchas.

This is the main earning opportunity. There are two ways to solve captures; using your web browser or downloading their software called Typer Solver. However, it is extremely easy to get banned from either entering too many wrong Captchas.
Many of them are simple, but oftentimes they make the images look so bad that there are some letters you can’t quite figure out. And if you enter anything wrong, they deduct it from your pay. If you take too long to figure it out, they ban your account. Sounds legit!
Talking about using the web browser, you log into the site and start working on captchas by clicking on the “Start working” link. You will then see a timer when the captcha is shown. If the timer runs out, you will lose, and if by 24 hours, you have lost 10 times, you will lose your earnings.
ProTypers Review - Scam and Fraud Labels Diagnosed
You have to be extremely focused when you are working on captchas.  You will need to type the text as they are shown in the images and then press enter. Some messages are only partially readable therefore if the message is not read very well, you can click the “don’t know” button.
If you will prefer to take a break, finish the captcha displayed and don’t press Enter but instead click the “Submit and Pause” button. Otherwise, if you forget to click on it, you will eventually be kicked out. As for the TyperSolver program, you will enjoy many benefits. If you want to maximize the cash, use this software program.

b. TyperDraw

This is not really an earning opportunity but it is one of the ways one can earn from ProTypers. This is really just a lottery draw.
To join, one has to purchase one or more tickets for a low cost using your current balance. A random winner will be selected.
You can only buy tickets once you have received payment from the site.

c. Affiliate Program

Lastly, you can earn additional rewards by participating in their affiliate program. In other sites, this is called a referral program. You generate codes and give them to people you want to invite.

When they sign up as a member, they have to provide your affiliate code so that they it will be registered as someone you’ve invited to the site. Any code can handle an unlimited amount of invited people. As for the reward you will get, you will earn a 10% commission of the earnings of your referrals (the people you invited), but you will only start receiving commissions once 5 of your referrals get paid.

How do you get paid?

As with most captcha-solving sites, you don’t actually get paid per captcha you solve. In ProTyper’s case, they will pay you as per every 1,000 captchas you solve. You will see their payment rate immediately when you start working on captchas.

ProTypers offers multiple payment options, but you can only choose one and it will be permanent. So make sure the payment method you choose is what you really want because you can’t change it.

Think about that for a second. 1,000 images is about 17 per minute. That means you have to solve each one in about 3 ½ seconds consistently for an entire hour to earn even the 40, 50, 60, or 90 cents. And that’s for just ONE hour of work.

But, their website is extremely slow at loading these images – it oftentimes took several minutes to load these Captcha boxes on my screen! That means it’d be basically impossible to do anywhere near 1,000 of these per hour no matter how fast I could do it.