Ten Tips to Increase Instagram Follower Engagement in 2022

Ten Tips to Increase Instagram Follower Engagement in 2022

Instagram Follower Engagement has recently become one of the most powerful buzzwords in the social media realm. Businesses increasingly need to enhance their digital communication ways to increase engagement with potential clients. We can’t any more neglect the power of new social media features and insights when most competitors are using them.

Instagram seems the rightful heir to Facebook and Twitter in relation to some business sectors. Especially fashion and lifestyle for instance. In 2022, it’s no longer enough to just publish your posts and invite more friends to follow your page. The need to keep up with many tactics and metrics becomes a necessity, not a luxury.

In fact, there are many terms and tactics you need to learn and apply to make sure you are at least a step ahead of your competitors. Beginning from a launching Instagram business account to adapting many other features such as Instagram algorithm, Instagram rate, Instagram insights, Instagram captions, and more.

In this article, we will focus on Instagram’s Follower Engagement. So, what exactly Instagram’s Follower Engagement is, and why does it matter for your success? And how to increase Instagram Follower Engagement in 2022?

What is Instagram Follower Engagement?

People and Instagram influencers traditionally used to count likes number of followers as an easy way to measure their friends’ or followers’ engagements on social media. But actually, it’s not the real case. Followers’ Engagement metrics have several more accurate what to count. let’s first start with the Instagram Follower Engagement definition.

Instagram Follower Engagement is a simple mathematical way to measure how much your audience is actually engaging with your Instagram posts. Including not only likes, but shares, saves, and comments. Instagram Follower Engagement is following the simple formula by dividing the total number of interactions by the number of followers multiplied by a hundred. For more accurate results it’s better to divide the total number of interactions by the number of actual views of a specific post.

By collecting the total number of followers’ actions, you will know more about what they are more interested in. There are also some helpful tools that can help you to get Instagram Follower Engagement such as Buffer.

Followers’ actions include the following:

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Saves
  • New Followers
  • Mentions
  • Hashtag usage
  • Click-throughs
  • DMs

Increasing Instagram Follower Engagement Benefits

The Benefits of Increasing Instagram Follower Engagement may be countless. But, they are mostly can be classified into social data and Instagram’s algorithm:

Social Data: The goal is to know better what is really going on with your Instagram content. This can help you to interact more with your audience and learn more about their needs in order to convert them to buyers at a higher rate.

Instagram’s Algorithms: This is a backbone factor for boosting your content in the newsfeed. In fact, social media can’t showcase every post for all followers. Instead, they have smart procedures to increase the engagement chances to appear for more Instagram followers which makes the snowball roll into a possible viral trend.

Other experts talk about additional benefits, like direct engagement. Where customers tend to buy more likely from vendors that have directly engaged with them and answered their questions. This also proves that you take their concerns seriously. In addition, making a direct engagement with your customers make social proof and increases brand awareness.

Tips to Increase Instagram Follower Engagement

Now we come to the essence and major goals of this article. Practically, there are no standard or solid rules. So, this is a free space for innovation and creativity. However, there are some typical tips to follow that surely can increase your Increase Instagram Follower Engagement.

You can choose what suit your case from here, they aren’t a step-by-step guide:

  • Create compelling and great useful content that can force followers to take care. That happens simply by putting yourself in your audience’s shows and giving them what exactly they need.
  • Interact and respond to all comments, shares, DMs, etc. As human is a social creature, this makes your audience like to continuously engage with your content.
  • Make a discount offer for customers that interact or share their purchases. This is a popular and proven method that really makes a positive difference.
  • Diversify different content types, from images to videos down to Instagram Reel and IGTV. This empowers you to see more clearly which content type attracts more engagement, and it reduces audience boredom.
  • Target to get more shares, saves, and comments not just likes. Because other actions than likes are more powerful to tell Instagram algorithms to boost your content.
  • Make attractive CTAs. CTA is very critical to urge your audience to break the ice and spark the engagement prosses. For example, you can ask them “what do you think?” at the end of some controversial post.
  • Utilize other rich Instagram’s interactive features. Content is not just a post or an image. There are many other features to diversify your content and amuse your fans such as sliding scales, questions, quizzes, stickers, and polls.
  • Keep continuation. As you know, continuation works like magic and can defeat any competition. In addition, it has a crucial role in relation to Instagram algorithms.
  • Focus more on successful content for your specific audience. You should analyze what’s working from time to time. Engagement rate here is your guide.
  • Get to know better your audience continually and focus on their needs. Don’t worry about engagement. As long you take care of your fans, engagement will follow.

How to Measure a Good Instagram Engagement Rate?

Learning about the good Instagram engagement rate is quite decisive. Maybe you imagine you should get 50% to consider yourself successful. That is not right at all. In fact, statistics indicate in many studies that around 1% to 5% is a great achievement. This is also related to many factors like the content type and your follower’s total number. In the end, we hope you have enjoyed this information and wish you benefit from it.