What Are the Benefits of Moving to Rancho Santa Fe?

A recent study of United Van Lines shows more Americans leaving Eastern states and flocking to the west coast. Whether it’s because of the pandemic or the weather, west coast states are luring people in.

Why not follow suit, pack up, and give Rancho Santa Fe a shot?

The Westcoast landscape is home to some of the world’s most beautiful sites in nature. Research proves that getting out in nature reduces stress and increases vitality.

Job opportunities are almost endless as well. States like California, Seattle, and Portland continue to dominate in entertainment and technology.

Would you want to live on the Westcoast of the United States? Here are some undeniable benefits of moving to Rancho Santa Fe.

Rancho Santa Fe Has a Thriving Economy

Despite the fallout in the job market due to the pandemic, the job market in Rancho Santa Fe increased by 1.4%. Experts predict job growth in this city to loom over the US national average of 33.5% by .7%.

If you’re concerned about losing income, the average income in RSF is $39,464 more than the US average.

As far as housing, the most popular place to live is The Covenant. The Covenant is a planned community inside Ranch Santa Fe. Residents who live there consider it a city inside a city. There’s a school, library, hotel, community center, and much more.

What to Do in RSF

Rancho Sante Fe isn’t like your average gated community. It has a good deal of luxury amenities and activities for residents to get involved in.

Bing Crosby made the area famous for its golf courses and country club. He was one of the first celebrities to settle in the area, hosting annual clambakes there.

There are also tennis and garden clubs as well as a civic center that hosts entertainment events. Residents can also take private horse riding and hiking lessons on a private ranch area that extends out 45 miles.

The Best Neighborhoods in RSF

Outside of The Covenant, Rancho Santa Fe has other gated communities to swoon over:

The Crosby Estates

Named after Bing Crosby, The Crosby Estates are a blend of upscale villas and semi-custom new construction homes. There are luxury amenities such as tennis clubs, dining spaces, and gyms.

The Bridges

If you love golf, The Bridges community is an ideal place for you. It has a resort-living type of feel for residents who love 24-hour luxury.

Del Mar Country Club

The Del Mar Country is a small-estate community which estates ranging up to 10,000 square feet. The community has a country club setting with tennis courts, a clubhouse, and a community pool.

Most of the communities in RSF aren’t far from the coast and downtown San Diego.

Move to the Westcoast!

Rancho Santa Fe is a beautiful city in San Diego, California. Let it be first on the list as you consider moving to the Westcoast.

Would you like to visit the Westcoast before making the move? Check out our travel guide for all the dos and don’ts to traveling across the US.