What Are Dental-Implant Retained Dentures? – Know The Procedure, Cost, And More

Even though implant dentures are used to replace lost teeth and improve appearance, you can find many ways to place dentures on dental implants. They include implant-retained dentures, implant-supported dentures, and others.

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In this article, you can learn about dental implant-retained dentures that help you to know why they are ideal to choose from.

About implant-retained dentures

These dentures help to hold the dental implants in place and embrace the bite over the gums. In implant-retained dentures, mini-implants are used to secure them. Although they won’t mimic the natural bite, dentures give force to bite. These dentures remain firm at the place, so there is no need to worry about slipping dentures while eating or talking.

You can find implant-retained dentures made with a variety of materials. It is an ideal option for people who lost the majority of natural teeth. Also, they are easy to clean. All you need to do is remove the dentures at night, clean and fix them.

Who are the right candidates for implant-retained dentures?

People who want to undergo dental implant-retained dentures have to undergo an oral examination to make sure whether they are the right candidate or not. This treatment method is ideal for those with healthy bone and gum. Also, the candidates should have a good bone density to hold the implants. In a few cases, bone grafting is used among people with poor bone density.

Dental implant-retained dentures procedure

During your first consultation, your dentist will recommend you to take an x-ray or CT scan to check your oral health. With this information, your dentist will make a personalized treatment plan to improve your appearance and oral health.

During the procedure, implants will be placed into your jawbone, where the density of bone is high. A small incision is made into the bone to place the implant. Afterwards, it is closed and you have to keep the area clean until it heals. Once it heals, your dentist will keep a healing cap over the implant for the healing of the area around the implant. Lastly, the impression of abutments and gum is taken and debentures are inserted. Also, your dentist will adjust the dentures for a proper and comfortable fit.

What are the precautions you have to take after the procedure?

Diet – After the procedure, you have to avoid hard-to-chew foods, including steak, to attain the best results.

Health – People with sleep apnea or TMJ, which benefit from dentures have to choose implant-retained dentures.

Dental implant-retained dentures cost

Many factors affect the price of dentures. Various dental clinics offer the best treatment procedure at a fair price. You can give get an estimation during the consultation.

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