What Are The Free Dating Websites For People With HIV

What Are The Free Dating Websites For People With HIV

Living with HIV can be depressing. The thought of having this life-threatening disease with all the stigmatization going on could just frustrate you. So how do you even think of finding love in this situation? Good News!!! There are free HIV sites you can try to find love. Enjoy this read on some of them.

What are some of the HIV dating sites available?

Dating can be very hard sometimes especially when you have a medical condition like HIV. How to even break the news to that person you meet is a whole story to write about. Some websites for dating have been created to help people with HIV also find love.


This site was founded in 1998 and is open to anybody living with HIV. PozMatch is owned and administered by HIV-positive people. Their basic membership is free and includes a profile, five images, searching, browsing, and instant messaging. For premium membership, It features private email, webcam, video, and supports services. This site also connects those looking for platonic relationships as well.

Positive Singles

Positive Singles has been online since 2001 and is open to those living with HIV, HPV, herpes, and other sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs). This site features a counselor and online chatrooms. Another option for finding partners and seeing your private photographs is to download a free app.


This is an iPhone dating app for HIV persons. It has featured a bit like Tinder and has a location-based technology that can help you find matches in your surroundings. You can swipe, like people you are interested in, and send them direct messages.

Hzone has a free option and also 3 paid VIP subscription options that come with discounted prices when you subscribe for 3 and 6 months.

HIV People Meet

This is a free dating site that allows you to also find HIV singles like yourself to date. There’s a live dating advisor and other services to support you. The site gives an update on local support events and dating tips.

Positives Dating

This is also a site for persons living with HIV. Positives Dating was launched in2001 and has one of the biggest memberships. In case you don’t want your privacy when it comes to sharing your information online then this app is definitely for you. This app is available for both Android and iPhone. Paid premium accounts offer more features whiles free accounts allow you to reply to messages on this site. They do not offer video streaming.

HIV Single WhatsApp Numbers

There are some WhatsApp group links that you can join to date. Here are some sites you can try. These sites have their location attached to them when you click on them.

Is HIV Dating And Marriage Possible

You could have met someone you are really into but he /she could be HIV positive and you could wonder if you can date or even marry.

You have to think about how you are going to disclose it to your partner and is a big idea to handle. The primary concern for many HIV-positive women is disclosure. You will have to ask yourself what is the best way to tell and when is the best time to tell them. There’s no better way to tell them. It is not always about how or when you are going to tell but about who you have to tell. Your partner should be understanding if he/she wants to date or marry. It is better to disclose your medical condition to know if they would stay or not.

If someone accepts you and your diagnosis, the timing of your confession might not be important if you haven’t had any sexual relations with them. You might even be scared to lose that person after your confession.

When it comes to knowing when to tell your partner, you could tell him/her after your first or consequent dates or you could also do it when it is convenient for you. To avoid a lot of emotional trauma or growing too attached, I think it is best to hit the hammer right on the nail. There’s nothing wrong with dating or marrying someone if the person has HIV if you are actually up for it.

There are certain things you have to keep in mind if you are willing to date or marry an HIV positive person

When it comes to sex, you will have to practice safer sex by using condoms. If you do not do so there’s a higher tendency of you contracting the virus. You can still get other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Some partners may lose their trust when you hide vital information from them. Your partner may get angry or violent if this should happen.

Some Dating Tips for HIV Dating

Before you decide to have sexual relations with your partner, you will need to talk to them. You will need to tell the person when the mood is right.

You also need to read a lot about the disease and how to go about such situations, how to practice safer sex, treatment, the risk of transmission.

If you are scared your partner could be violent if you confess your disease to him/her, you should do it in a public place or with people you trust present. You have to think through if you want to stay with a partner who will behave this way.

You will have to consult others who have been in a relationship or had marriages like these before. You could attend a support group for men and women living with HIV or seek counseling too.

You have to care for yourself whiles you are caring for your partner who has HIV. Dating is about getting to know who the right person is. With the case of having the virus, you should be prepared to face rejections from people even people without HIV do face all these rejections before meeting the one. You don’t have to worry so much about it. You will meet that person who will just accept your condition and would be willing to go the long haul with you.


-Are there HIV Dating Websites?

Yes, there are websites like Hzone, Positives Dating, and many more.