UWatchfree Atlernatives, Proxy Sites and Working Links

Uwatchfree Proxy Sites, Working Links, and Top Alternatives

If you are a big movie buff, you are lucky to have found this page. We can help you watch your favourite movies for free. To know-how, you should keep reading this article.

Every year we receive dozens of new movies to watch. But if we start spending money on every movie we want to watch, it’s going to pile up into a huge amount. This is why people look for alternate sources to stream movies for free.

When we talk about free movies, the first thing that comes to our mind is torrent sites. There are plenty of those sites available online and one of them is Uwatchfree.

Uwatchfree movies is one of the most popular movies downloading sites in India, the UK, the USA, and other countries. So if you are interested to know more about this amazing website, you should give this article a read.

Uwatchfree Overview

Uwatch free is a free movie downloading website that promotes pirated links. Yes, it is an illegal website and therefore, you should be careful while accessing it.

U watch free is a hub for Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Hollywood, and Bollywood movies. It allows you to download unlimited free movies anytime you want. Besides a good collection of movies, UWatchFreeMovies also offers TV shows, tools, music, games, software, etc., to users.

Before you try to access uwatchfree app, you should be informed that it has been declared illegal by the Government of India. So if you are a resident of India, you better stay away from this website, otherwise, you have consequences to face.

Just like most other pirated sites, the original uwatchfree online website is blocked by the governments of many countries. It means you will have to work your way around to access this site.

 To keep the site running, many users have created fake domains for the website. You will need to use any of the working proxy or mirror sites to access uwatchfree movies online.

One of the good things about this website is that it doesn’t ask you to register yourself like other sites. With uwatch free, you can watch regional-based movies such as Tamil, Marathi, Bangla, Punjabi, and more. Not just that, but the site also offers foreign movies such as Korean, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

If you are downloading movies from Uwatchfree, you should not forget to delete the cookies right after. That’s because this is an illegal website and you can end up going to jail if you are not careful.

The working link of Uwatchfree movies is: https://www.uwatchfree.pe/.

How to download movies from UWatchFree?

UWatchFree website is similar to most other pirated movie sites and follows the same download steps. However, if you are still not sure of the steps, no worries, we have got your back. It takes just a few simple steps to download free movies from uwatchtv free.

Here is what you need to do for uwatchfree movie download:

  1. The first thing you need to do is visit UWatchFree. You can try accessing this link here: https://www.uwatchfree.pe/
  2. Once the site opens, search for the movie name you want to download. You can take the help of the Search option provided by the site.
  3. You will be shown a movie Link. If you scroll down, you will get many movie quality options to download.
  4. Select the quality of the movie you want to download.
  5. Follow the instructions as prompted and you can easily download the movie to your computer or mobile.

Note: If you are thinking of downloading pirated movies, you should avoid doing it at all costs. It is not only risky for you, but you are also causing loss to the film industry. If you are not a fan of visiting a cinema hall, you can opt for paid streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc.

Uwatchfree New Working Domains In 2021

As you already know Uwatchfree is an illegal website. Due to this reason, it is banned in many countries. This has led users to create multiple domain names for the same site, to keep it running. If you are looking for working Uwatch free website links, then we have got you covered.

Here you go with the list:

  • uwatchfree.vg
  • uwatchfree.ag
  • uwatchfree.org
  • uwatchfree.net
  • uwatchfree.as
  • uwatchfree.win
  • uwatchfree.com
  • uwatchfree.in
  • uwatchfree.bid

Best Alternatives to Uwatchfree

Since Uwatchfree is banned in many countries, users are desperately looking for other alternatives to meet their movie needs. Luckily, there are plenty of other websites they can go to. We have picked a few of them. Go through the details below to know more about these websites.

Here is the list of Uwatchfree alternatives:

  • Filmywap

This website is great for Hindi, Punjabi, and English movies. It is a user-friendly website that offers pirated links to Bollywood, Hollywood, and many other different movies that you would like to watch.

  • Moviezwap

There are chances that you have already heard about the Moviezwap website. This is a very popular movie downloading page among users. It offers a huge collection of movies and TV shows that can be downloaded for free.

  • Hindilinks4u

This website is known for spilling web shows and motion pictures. This pirated website is highly popular in India and helps spread pirated movie links. Even though you are getting movies for free, you shouldn’t use these sites as it is illegal under the law. 

  • Pagal Movies

Pagal Movies is a major free online movie downloading site. It has a great collection of Bollywood movies. Besides that, you can also access popular Hollywood films. The site has a user-friendly website, so you shouldn’t find it difficult to use.

  • Moviesflix

Moviesflix is yet another torrent site where you can download movies and TV shows for free. You can find the content of various genres and categories on this site. From Bollywood to Hollywood, you can find download links to all types of movies. The site has no restrictions, so you can download as many movies as you want. 

Accessing and downloading movies from pirated sites like Uwatchfree and the ones mentioned above is not at all recommended. This is because it is an illegal activity. If you get caught, you will have to face consequences and can even end up in jail. This is why we recommend you to choose from the list of Uwatch free legal alternatives

Here you go with the list:

  • Netflix

There is no denying that Netflix is one of the best streaming services known to the world. It offers a huge collection of movies, TV shows, and web series. Besides that, they also have Netflix Originals. Netflix is a site that is suitable for users of all age groups. The site has a good collection of animated movies for a minor audience. It is of course a paid streaming service that gives you HD quality content to watch.

  • Amazon Prime Video

The next biggest streaming service is Amazon Prime Video. If you think that Netflix is too expensive for you, then you can consider opting for Prime Videos. It has a great collection of Hindi and English movies. You can find all the latest web series with full-length episodes on this site. If you have an Amazon account, you can easily access Prime Videos.

  • Hotstar

Hotstar is best suited for sports lovers. Besides watching movies and TV shows, you can access the site for streaming live matches. It is a user-friendly streaming service and also quite affordable. If you don’t want to fall in trouble for accessing pirated websites, then you should consider choosing sites like Hotstar.

  • YouTube

Yes, you can also find free movies on YouTube, but the good thing is that it is not illegal. It may not be as good as the other streaming sites, but it is still legal and safe to use. YouTube has both paid and free content to watch. You can find a variety of content to stream on YouTube.

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Uwatchfree is undoubtedly a great torrent site to exist. But given the situation surrounding torrent sites, we don’t recommend you to use such sites. Instead, you should opt for legal streaming services, so you can be free of any worries. However, if you are still desperate to get free movies from sites like Uwatch free make sure that you use a VPN service.


What happened to Uwatch free?

Uwatchfree is blocked in many countries because it promotes pirated movie links. To access this site you will have to use proxy or mirror links.

Is it safe to access Uwatchfree?

Uwatchfree movies is a pirated website and therefore, accessing it is considered illegal. So unless you want to get in trouble, you should stay away from it.

Do you have to use a VPN service to access Uwatchfree?

It is recommended you use a VPN service while accessing Uwatchfree online, so you can mask your identity on the internet.

The best legal alternatives to Uwatch free are Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Is Uwatchfree website free?

Just like every other pirated site, Uwatchfree is also free to access.