Hidden Dental Dangers That May Threaten Your Whole Body

Hidden Dental Dangers That May Threaten Your Whole Body

Oral health is much more than gums, teeth, and mouth; it is the primary entry away to our body. Persistent toothache, bad breath, and bleeding gums are all signs of oral issues. So, poor hygiene stakes your overall well-being. 

If your mouth contains bad bacteria, then it can easily mix into your bloodstream, infecting you completely. Scheduling dental appointments and maintaining oral hygiene are pivotal for healthy living. 

If you want to know what poor oral hygiene can bring upon you, stick till the end. 

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Poor oral hygiene can put you up for cardiovascular disease. Suppose the gums are inflamed and bleed usually. In that case, it can lead to periodontal issues; the harmful bacteria mix up with the bloodstream and build plaque in the arteries forcing it to collapse. This hardening or blocking of arteries is called atherosclerosis, and it is a severe issue. Even, you are at a high risk of getting endocarditis, it is a life-threatening condition that infects the heart’s inner lining. 

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Poor oral habits like tobacco usage or smoking can cause throat or oral cancer, but there are many more cancer variants that are linked with gum issues. People who maintain poor oral health are at high risk for developing pancreatic cancer, blood cancer, and kidney cancer. 


Diabetics are not only susceptible to developing oral issues, but oral issues also make diabetes difficult to control. Diabetics need to maintain proper oral hygiene and stay away from sweets to bring down the levels! 

As gum issues are the leading cause of high blood sugar levels, it is advised to ensure good oral health and schedule appointments at Mississauga dental clinic to prevent future oral issues. 

Infertility issues 

There is a slight link between poor oral hygiene and infertility in women. Gum disease can steer many health issues that can induce complications during pregnancy, causing severe threats to the foetus. It can even take longer for a woman with poor oral hygiene to conceive than someone who maintains proper oral hygiene.  

Pregnancy Complications 

For expecting mothers, maintaining proper oral care is imperative. New hormonal changes can induce oral issues quite easily. And any infection in the mother’s system can double the chances of complications. Women with periodontal disease and gingivitis often go through premature birth and low birth weight of the infant. 

Gum issues stake both mother’s and child’s lives.

Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease is a chronic illness that affects blood pressure, heart bones, and the kidneys. Periodontal issues can lead to kidney disease. People with oral issues have weaker immunity and so are prone to infections. There are many people with bad oral health suffering from kidney issues. Kidney issues can be life-threatening if it leads to cardiovascular disease or kidney failure. 


Unfortunately, if a tooth infection is left untreated, it can move up to your neck and face. Severe swelling in the gums with fever, painful seizures, intense dehydration, and increased heart rate are some common symptoms. A throbbing sign can also mean that you might have a damaged tooth or infection.

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