Top Tips to Avoid Getting Distracted While Driving Your Car

Top Tips to Avoid Getting Distracted While Driving Your Car

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distraction is a leading cause of road accidents. As per data collected in the year 2019, distraction-affected fatal crashes accounted for 9% of all fatal crashes. In fact, about 3,000 people die in crashes involving a distracted driver every year.

The statistics make it evidently clear how common distracted driving is and how fatal it can be, for both the passengers in the car and those walking on the road. Distracted drivers are often unable to focus on driving, due to several factors such as cell phone use and other practices, and consequently increase the risk of accidents that can be fatal. 

Even professionals at car insurance lake charles based firms agree that sometimes, the minor bad habits can take a toll on our life. We all face distractions while driving on a daily basis, some of which can be completely avoided so that we can focus on the task at hand and remain safe. 

Make adjustments before-hand

Before you head out, make all adjustments you need to make, like adjusting the seating, climate control, windows, and rearview mirrors while you are stationed. These are some of the first things you should do as you sit in the car and should be necessarily attended to before you start driving.

Turn on the navigation system and GPS on your device to where you are going and adjust it in a mobile holder designed for cars. If you like listening to music, set up the playlist so that you won’t have to divert your mind to changing the music while you drive. Start driving only once you are comfortable and are ready to go. Also, be sure to pull up your seatbelts, before you hit the pedals — it is essential for your safety.

Put your electronic distractions away

Mobile devices are the number one cause of distraction. The majority of drivers experience it every day and surprisingly also find it quite normal to attend calls, read or reply to a text or an email. Mobile phones and their use while driving cause physical and cognitive distractions can lead to missing out on important road signs and hamper reflexes. To avoid getting distracted, keep your gadgets away, check them before heading out and pull up at a safe spot if you need to check them urgently.

Keep your eyes on the road

It is essential to keep yourself focused while driving a vehicle. You should always keep your eyes on the road, even adjust your rearview mirror and keep your hands on the steering wheel, as you remain steady to be able to handle your vehicle in case of an emergency. Driving is no time to multitask so save it for when not in the driving seat.

Avoid eating or drinking

Not only is it unethical to eat or drink while driving, doing so can also be messy and risky. Handling food items with one hand and steering with the other can risk spills and creating a mess in your car and risk your life too. It is best to avoid these however tempting it may be.

Keep intoxications at bay

Intoxications severely hamper our senses of vision and ability to think clearly and quickly. Consumption of alcohol or intoxicants of any kind as you drive or prior to it can be very dangerous. Even the largest car insurance lake charles based firms won’t be able to help you in getting a claim if you break such rules. If you feel drowsy from sleep while driving, then stop at a safe spot at the earliest and call for a pick-up.

Enlist the help of co-passengers

If you’re travelling with kids or pets, tuck them in with a safety belt before heading out to avoid distraction. Also, avoid overcrowding your vehicle and also the risk of injury in case of an accident.

Remember most distractions are small things not worth risking your life for and can wait! Your safety is in your hands, so take all precautions and drive safely. Also, ensure registering for car insurance with adequate coverage in the event of an accident or mishap.

Contact an insurance agency in your state, for instance, if you live in Louisiana you could look up car insurance Lake Charles based firms on the internet and find many options. Do your research and with the help of your insurance agent invest in the right insurance that offers an adequate cover and one you can afford.