Tips on how to write good essays

What is an Essay? – How to Write a Good Essay

Essay assignments are common among university and college students. They get such homework tasks from teachers. Many students think that a piece of writing roughly containing around two thousand words is called an Essay. However, there is a lot more that you need to understand in this regard.

What is an Essay?

A write-up used to propose an argument, portray an idea, and elaborate one’s understanding of a given topic is known as an Essay. A writer describes his findings and opinions in a structured manner.

Universities and colleges use the essay as a tool to educate their students about different topics.  There could be different guidelines that a writer has to follow. General requirements include word count limit, citations, references, font style and size.

There are different types of essays that students have to write during their course of study. Some of the most common ones include descriptive, persuasive, narrative, informative, argumentative, and problem solution.

How to Write a Good Essay?

Essay writing is an art that not all students know, unfortunately. However, it’s not difficult to learn. Writing a flawless essay is possible only when you know all the essentials of an effective essay writing skill.

You can always learn to write a good essay regardless of your level of education. It’s never too late! Follow these suggestions to give your academic writing the boost it needs to flourish.

Plan Your Essay

Experts of Essay48 strongly recommend planning your essay effectively. Planning is the most important element that you shouldn’t overlook at all. You may get frightened to imagine the time that planning can eat up, but it can help you write a good essay to secure better marks.

Creating an outline or a plan depends upon the type of essay that you are about to write. For instance, if you are going to write an argumentative essay, then you will need a slightly different plan. Therefore, carefully read the instructions and analyze the topic to understand which type of essay you have been asked to write.

A sound plan can save you time and effort. If you are not sure about creating a good plan, take help from previously written essays of experts and create an outline accordingly. Getting expert assistance from the teacher is also another viable solution that you can opt for. 

Jot Down Ideas

You are not supposed to write an essay without having a useful information. Once you have the topic, try finding the relevant information from trusted sources. Put all your ideas together to use as a reference. 

You don’t have to be fully organized while writing down ideas. Just note down whatever comes to your mind. Think about different aspects of the topic so that you can go deep into the subject. 

A diversified and well-connected write-up is likely to get more traction than a general piece of writing. Give your mind freedom to think and bring together ideas that you think can work to make your essay great.

Use Evidence

Making your essay credible is one of the important points that you shouldn’t ignore. Using evidence is a nice way to make readers believe what you write. 

Try to use all evidence effectively and clearly so that they don’t create ambiguity. Use quotations where possible as they help make an essay engaging. An essay with the correct use of evidence is likely to get more traction than an ordinary homework assignment.

Select a Writing Style

Your teacher will ask you to follow a specific writing style. It should be in line with the subject of your essay. Universities and colleges follow different writing styles when it comes to essay assignments.

  • American Psychological Association

This particular writing style is also known as APA. It was developed for essays, psychology, and social science research papers. It utilizes an author-date citation style.

  • Modern Language Association

The Modern Language Association or MLA writing style was formed for language arts and humanities. It utilizes author page No. citation style.

  • Chicago Manual of Style

It contains two styles including notes-bibliography and author-date. Also known as Turabian, the Chicago Manual of Style is preferred by professionals and college students

You can pick any of the above styles depending upon your essay writing requirements.

Follow Creativity

You are not alone when it comes to essay writing. All of your classmates should be doing the same thing. That’s why you should try to be different. Follow your power of creativity to make your essay distinct and attention-grabbing.

Think about what points can help you write innovatively. It’s good to be creative, but make sure you don’t leave the main point. Students who write stimulating essays boost their chances of getting better grades and feedback.


Once you are done with your essay, don’t forget to proofread. You will find errors, typos, and mistakes that need correction. Submitting an essay without fixing issues can cause you disappointment.

Read your essay backward as this strategy is effective in identifying mistakes. Make revisions to improve structure, clarity, and consistency. Don’t overlook if you come across anything that looks inappropriate.