Top Five Uses for Your Pressure Washer

Top Five Uses for Your Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are a great piece of kit to have at home, perfect for any number of cleaning and washing tasks. Here’s our guide to the top five uses for your pressure washer, as well as a bonus one for the more creative/art enthusiast types:

1) Floors

Driveways, garage floors, patios, paths and alleyways can all be freshened up with your pressure washer, quickly and effectively. No matter if you’ve got bare concrete, tiles or slabs, you’ll be amazed at how clean they can look – perfect for hosting BBQs or garden parties, or simply making your outdoor space more relaxing and pleasing to be in. Don’t forget about any outdoor stairways and decking areas – a mildewy or dirty deck/staircase can be seriously unsightly, so give it a blast with the pressure-washer every now and again.

2) Washing cars and bikes

We all know that we can save money by washing our cars, bikes and other vehicles ourselves, but often we’re put off from doing it as we think it will take too long and, frankly, be a bit boring. Use your pressure washer – not only will it be super-fast, but it will give a great, consistent finish. And it’s fun!

3) Home exteriors

Whether your house is bricks and mortar, you have panelling or siding, or you’ve got an older stone building – you can freshen it all up with your pressure washer. It’ll make your house stand out from your neighbours, and add kerb-appeal if you are looking to sell. You can also use your pressure washer to give the windows a quick clean, as well as clear blocked guttering.

4) Garden furniture and equipment

Barbecue grills, lawn chairs, benches and paddling pools are just some of the garden furniture and equipment that you can clean quickly and efficiently with your pressure washer. These items can accumulate dirt, dust and cobwebs at a very rapid pace, particularly if they’ve been lying unused over the winter months. Freshen them up with the pressure washer and they’ll be good for another summer season.

5) Conservatory

Your conservatory can be a magnet for bird droppings, leaves, cobwebs and the dirt left behind when it rains. Using a pressure washer with an extension wand will keep the glass clean and attractive, without you having to clamber about on ladders or stretch to reach the top pieces. Doing this at the end of spring will give you a fresh, new-looking conservatory for the summer, every single year.


More and more people are using their pressure washer equipment to create ‘reverse graffiti’. This makes use of a stencil to create artwork, both in the home and in public spaces. You can create intricate designs with this method, and you aren’t causing any lasting damage or permanent additions to the space. Stencils can be bought at a range of places online or, if you’re particularly creative, you can design and make your own fairly easily.