Few Questions to Ask Your Swimming Pool Builders before You Hire

Few Questions to Ask Your Swimming Pool Builders before You Hire

Most of you in Australia may consider building a swimming pool in your backyard so that during the summer months, you can enjoy bathing in the pool along with your family.

If you have lined up several builders who have offered their quotation to build your swimming pool then you must ask a few good questions to find out who will be the right swimming pool builder in Gladstone for you.

The following are a few questions that you must ask them to decide who will be the right builder for you.

1. How much time will be needed to complete the project?

You must start with this question so that you know how long you will remain stressed up due to the project. By knowing their exact timeframe, you also can plan everything as delayed construction may be quite stressful.

2. Will you offer any warranty for the pool?

Have your contractor outline everything about the project that also includes guarantee and warranty in their terms and condition of the project. If the builder offers a warranty, then you have peace of mind.

3. Can you show any pictures of your past project?

If you see the actual picture of their past project then you will know the shape of your project. Therefore, you must insist your prospective builder to show the picture.

4. Can you offer any references?

You must surely ask this question and know the contact numbers so that you can call them to ask how the builder has conducted the project and whether they were happy with their work and dealing.

5. Does your price include electrical works too?

Often many builders do not include the electrical wiring work in their quotation. Therefore, it is a good idea to ask this question. You may then ask how much extra will be needed for this work.

6. Will you do the complete project or subcontract part of the work?

You must have agreed to consider a certain builder based on his reputation but he may offer the job to some of his subcontractors, who may not offer the same quality that you expected.

7. How long are you in this business?

It is preferable to choose a builder who has plenty of experience in this field therefore this question is very relevant.

8. Will there be any site supervisor available?

You must know who is the person who will be supervising the job and try to know whether that person is qualified enough to supervise. He will be the person through whom you will communicate.

9. Are you a registered member of any swimming pool association?

If your builder is a member of a certain professional organization then you can expect a better quality of work.

10 Is your quote final or there is a scope of negotiation?

You must check whether the price offered by the builder is as per the market rate. If his quoted price is too high then you must have a scope to negotiate.