Cosplay Essentials to Stock Up On

Cosplay Essentials to Stock Up On

2020 didn’t provide much opportunity for cosplay lovers.

But as Comicon events around the world start getting back on their feet, there’s no better time for beginners to get stocked up on the essentials and get practicing their favorite looks.

With this in mind, we’re sharing the essentials everyone should have readily available. Because you never know when inspiration will strike.

Wig Caps

While there’s no knowing who your next cosplay icon will be, one thing is for sure: Mousey brown or blonde hair probably isn’t going to cut it. As such, you’ll find yourself using a lot of temporary dyes, hair chalks or wigs.

To make wearing a wig look seamless and a little more realistic (as realistic as a bright pink anime character can look, at least), you’ll need an endless supply of wig caps.

Wig caps are available in neutral shades, as well as colors to match your wigs. They’ll make sure no hairs escape and spoil the overall look.

If you are conscious about storing your wigs when not in use, or want to style them before you put them on, wig blocks are a lifesaver.


Unless you have a natural green tint that’s perfect for dressing up as The Hulk, chances are you’re going to need a box full of makeup on hand. FX makeup and face paints are always handy to have as there are so many characters and so many skin tones present in the world of cosplay.

As cosplay is so popular these days, there are plenty of kits and guides to help you on your way to your first character. And don’t forget a setting spray. You don’t want to get halfway through Comicon and find your perfect makeup is no longer recognizable because you’ve itched your nose or sweat a little too much… A setting spray will help keep your look set in place, no matter where the day takes you.

Fabric Paints

It’s all in the details when it comes to cosplay – from the makeup, right down to the shoes. As such, you’re going to need plenty of fabric and leather paint, glitter and fabric pens. Paints are different to dyes as they allow you to create more intricate designs. They also typically sit on the top of the material, with some being washable. Then you can just clean up the canvas and start all over again.


Which then brings us onto dyes. While your local fabric shop might have a wide selection of colored cotton, they might not have the perfect shade for your costume. For cosplay, the right colors are vital for making your costume instantly recognizable. If you find yourself without the perfect shade of green for Tinkerbell’s dress, or need a bright red for Super Mario’s hat, fabric dyes are your answer. It’s also typically cheaper to buy plain materials so you can save a few bucks by dyeing your own.

So, with the right stock, you’ll be able to start a new project whenever you fancy. Get prepped for your next event by checking out what others are doing online, and practicing your make-up skills.