Top 10 halloween office ideas in 2021

Top 10 halloween office ideas in 2021

Business owners need to relax sometimes. Halloween is a great occasion to spend time in an informal setting. Increase the level of cohesion in your team by reviewing a selection of ideas for celebrating Halloween in the office. This list of halloween office ideas was prepared by Tiffany Cutting, web editor of the Slotsspot Project. Almost all of the ideas on this list are used by employees every year.

10. Create a Guessing Game

Put a small jar of sweets or a set of small pencils for your employees. For the contribution of employees to the design of the office, encourage them. Each of them can become the owner of the entire jar of pencils. Ask employees to name the exact number of candies available in the container. Such a logical game will allow you to concentrate on the logical thinking of employees before a hard day. The guessing game among employees is an excellent stimulant of their mental activity. It will help them to recharge with positive emotions, which will be enough for the whole working day. It’s also great fun as one of the office Halloween games.

9. Email Halloween Trivia Questions

Prepare an email newsletter containing questions on the subject of mysticism and horror films. Prepare gifts for the employees who answered correctly. The one who provides the maximum number of correct answers will receive a prize. It can be a small amount of money or a gift from the company. The leader of the quiz will also have the right to be proud of his colleagues. Find suitable questions and answers to them on the Internet or come up with them yourself. This option is suitable for managers who are well versed in mystical themes and horror films. The quiz will allow employees to show off their erudition in front of each other.

8. Hand Out Treat Bags

Impress your team by giving up Halloween celebrations and cooking treats. Instead, decorate beverage bottles or fabric bags with glowing labels with the company logo. Such things are used by employees and outside the office, which will increase the efficiency of their use. These attributes will attract additional customers to your company. Original souvenirs can give your business a new stream of visitors. This approach of the manager will be much more effective for the company than holding a regular party for employees.

7. Host a Costume Contest

Allow your subordinates to spend this day in carnival costumes. There is nothing wrong with your employees wearing carnival clothes that can cheer up not only them, but also the surrounding team. Celebrating Halloween in the office will allow you to rally the team and spend time with casual conversations. According to expert research, a good atmosphere in the office leads to an increase in the efficiency of employees and the maintenance of a healthy atmosphere in the team. Hold a contest for the best suit among employees and give the winner a gift certificate. Installing an improvised photo studio will help you create a festive atmosphere, complemented by fun corporate pictures.

6. Let Everyone Clock Out Early

Another bonus that characterizes you as a responsive boss is the opportunity to arrange a shortened day in the company. Allow your employees to enjoy socializing with family by sending them home before the end of the working day. Arrange a shortened day by setting aside time for an office party. You will be pleasantly surprised by the increased productivity of their work. A shorter working day will allow employees to take part in a corporate event and enjoy socializing with family and friends.

5. Mummify the Boss

Make your boss have fun. Turn him into a mummy – one of the main characters of Halloween. Use toilet paper in rolls, ribbons or streamers for this. Your boss will look stupid, but you will be able to have great fun on the holiday. Caution! This option is only suitable for managers with a sense of humor. It is necessary to have good relations in the team in order to make fun of the boss like that. According to an analysis conducted by experts, most employees do not trust their boss. The leader wrapped in paper should stand still. Whereas employees should circle around him and provoke him to move in every possible way.

4. Paint Pumpkins

Make painted pumpkin lanterns together with the workers. Use stencils, plastic base and acrylic paints for this. Make flashlights during the working day or lunch break. Your team will get a lot of unforgettable impressions by participating in this creative process. Drawing pumpkins on Halloween does not cause a big mess in the office, but gives employees a lot of fun minutes. Entertaining employees increases the productivity of their work by 2.5 times. Give them the opportunity.

3. Serve a Bone-Chilling Breakfast

Halloween is not only a mystery, but also a variety of delicious treats. You can prepare light snacks and treat your employees to them. Pieces of baked pumpkin, donuts and apple cider – all this will give a festive atmosphere among office employees. And what could be better than a cup of hot chocolate? Your employees will walk around all day with smiles on their faces. Do you want to increase the level of productivity in the work of your company? Offer your employees light and delicious treats and you will see their location in relation to you. Delicious and light treats for Halloween are what you need to celebrate this holiday in the office.

2. The online slots competition

If you think Halloween games for adults at work require too much time to prepare, here is a great and quick solution. You’ll need a few free computers with Internet access. The number of players does not matter, because the winner will be the one who can win the jackpot faster playing free slots online. This could be one of the halloween office party ideas that could become an annual tradition for employees.

1. Throw a Halloween Party

If suddenly the celebration of Halloween falls on Friday, then arrange a small holiday among your colleagues. Bring some treats and drinks. Take care of the musical accompaniment of the holiday. The music selected for Halloween is distinguished by mystical and mysterious notes. A little imagination, and in a few minutes your team will turn into monsters cooking creepy treats. Do not forget to decorate the office in order to create a thematic atmosphere in it.

It is worth letting your employees take a break from the computer. Prepare a suitable musical selection in advance. Michael Jackson’s hits, Cream and Oingo Boingo will perfectly fit into the overall concept of the event. Prepare contests for the entertainment of employees. On the Internet, you can find a large number of ready-made scenarios or show imagination and organize a office halloween party yourself. Your employees will remember a well-organized holiday for a long time and will share positive impressions with each other. By the way, music is an excellent stimulant for the production of hormones of joy. Take care of a decent musical accompaniment for your holiday. Give your colleagues the opportunity to have fun and keep up with them. Allow yourself to become yourself, not a serious and strict boss.


Be a fair boss and arrange a Halloween party for your employees. By spending a little time and money on symbolic gifts, you can become a better boss for them. Show creative ideas and arrange a themed party in the office. Have fun with the team, coming out of the image of a harsh boss.